Thursday, December 18, 2008

Son, of God

The greatest gift ever given to the earth is the gift of a babe, Jesus son of God. He came as an infant, "he increased in stature, and in favour with God and man". As he grew into the awareness of his role in his "Fathers business" his mother "understood not, but kept all these sayings in her heart". (Luke 2:49-52)

He came as a son to do the will of his Father, his life brought salvation to each of us, leads each of us in our journey to the presence of God. The will of the Father is for each of us to partake of the salvation which his son, begotten in the flesh, made possible. The parent child relationship does more to teach of Godliness then any other experience in life.

Every child that is born into our little world teaches us with a unique blend of inherited strengths and weaknesses, combined with their own amazing gifts and challenges. As we live hand in hand, heart in heart, teach, nurture, and seek Gods direction in behalf of our children we grow to understand how deeply and passionately our Heavenly Father wills everyone of us, as his child, back into his presence.

As I've held my newborn child I've felt something of what Mary must have felt as she gazed into the face of her Son, her Savior her Salvation. As I grow with my children stature, gaining experience, grace, and understanding may I learn from them of my Heavenly Fathers love and will for me. May we savor the relationship of parent and child. May we share in the joy of salvation brought to the earth, as a baby son in Bethlehem.

Merry Christmas

For My Son

He has Mom's nose, Dad's, bluer-than-sky, eyes, and a voice all his own, the voice of an angel. He is beautiful when he sings, a beauty that transcends earth and mortality a voice rising from the heavens, soaring to the heavens. He is flesh of our flesh, evidence of our joyful union, sent from God to lead us to Godliness. His passion and life love inspire. Melodious strains cleave senses to a pinnacle of present joy, flow to silence, rise renewed to greater heights. Sing son of our eternity, sing us to God, to Christ to salvation.


S'mee said...

wow. That was so pretty, so awesome. A great way to begin my day. Thanks.

Adams Family said...

Somehow I missed this blog until today. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. Tell Jacob he is amazing. I would love to hear him sing sometime.

Mummy McTavish said...


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