Sunday, May 24, 2009

Contagious Cuteness!

#5, my extremely emotional just turned 8 year old, came home from the neighbors last night in tears.

"Mom, I have the Chicken pox!" He sobbed, pulling his shirt up to prove it. "Cody told me to, GO HOME, because he doesn't want to get it!' More sobbing.

I was out in my flower bed finishing up a 9 hour yard work extravaganza. I sat down on my arbor bench and looked at the 10 or so suspicious spots on his belly. Sweetie, those aren't Chicken Pox, they are just hives from your cold and allergies" I reassured him.

"But Cody said they were CHICKEN POX and they're contagious!" Ha! These boys have hung out all week together, the contamination has already happened.

"You've had the Chicken Pox shot and all our boys get hives with colds, it's not Chicken Pox!"

" How can we be sure? I want to go to the DOCTOR!" Why pay a doctor when 12 year old Dr. Neighbor Boy has figured out the diagnosis.

"Go show Daddy your spots and ask him to cuddle you." OK, he goes off sobbing and I return to my gardening.

"Mom! What am I gonna do about these Chicken Pox?" He's baaack!

"Sweetie, go take a long, hot shower then all the spots will come out." And I'll be able to finish my flower bed.

"Why would I do that? I. don't. want. more. spots." So, I guess I'm done gardening? Sigh!

I take #5 into the bathroom and put him in the shower. Over the sound of the water he asks, "Does it sound like popcorn popping?" I strain my ears to listen for someone microwaving popcorn.

"Mom, does it sound like popcorn popping?" He asks again more urgently. I listen harder.

"I don't kno... Oh sweeetie! It's Chicken POX, not POPS."

It was hives!


Barbaloot said...

When our neighbors got chicken pox, my mom sent us all over to their house to get it! She wanted us all to get it over with as soon as we could so she didn't have to worry about it later.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

THAT is a classic! Chicken POPS! Love it!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Jenny said...

Chicken Pops sounds like a knew item on the menu at KFC. ;-)

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

I love it!! So funny (I know you didn't think so at the time). Don't you just love it when kids diagnose each other??!

That was a llooooonnnnng gardening adventure you had?? What were you planting?

Mummy McTavish said...

'pops on you' has a WHOLE different meaning to 'pox on you'. And it's far more likely in a boy house too.
What a sweetie. Can I have your #5?

mandi said...

#5 is too cute. I saw him pick up #7 from preschool on his scooter and I couldn't stand the cuteness.

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

Your kids are AWESOME!! I don't even know them and I want to squeeze them silly! That is so cute!

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