Friday, May 1, 2009

What The...Fridays

Wow, I've been gone for awhile, it's amazing how busy life gets the last month of school.

#7 has been in fine form the past week. A few mornings ago he was playing with a yellow, smiley face, rubber, bouncy ball, "Mom, I said Magic-a-dabra. Look at me I made my ball disappear." I turned and looked at him standing with both arms spread out, hands open, evidence of his magic trick.

What the...

I had to turn around to hide the giggles, there was an enormous bulge in the front of his shorts. His Daddy often suggest similar magic games...

Then on Tuesday, Adam and his adorable little friend came running up to me, " MOM, COME SEE THIS! IT'S SO COOL!" #7 is 4 years old his little friend is 3.

"You really should come see this!" Said #7's friend, reassuring me that it was worth leaving my chair at the computer.

I followed them to the kitchen, "Look at that!" said #7. "I made it!" I was looking at a frozen chunk of ice cubes in the shape of the cup, that he had dumped out on the cupboard.

"Wow!" I said, keeping all but the tiniest trace of sarcasm out of my voice. Wondering why I had left my computer chair to see yet another mess.

"It's an Ice Scwulpture" #7 and his little friend announced.

What the...

How do a three year old and a four year old know the term, Ice Sculpture?

Don't you fear, I know you can never get enough What the... so, here is one more.

Adorable Hubby and I were at the ball park last night watching #4 play his first game of the season. We secured a coveted seat on the top row of the bleachers, where we would have a better view and a back rest. Sitting on the first row of the bleachers was a good sized fella eating nachos and wearing a shirt that said Warning Assassin.


Good thing he warned us, two inches below the hem of his shirt was, well...Uh hem. Did anyone else notice what is spelled twice in Assassin?

I finally had to move, when he loudly describe girl softball players to another parent, "Them girls is smart!" I didn't want to fall off the top of the bleachers laughing at our great view.


Barbaloot said...

Well--how very kind of that man to warn you what was coming....?

Heffalump said...

Ice least there were no chainsaws involved!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You never disappoint on What The... Fridays!

I think I just might be jealous of your social life...I mean you must run with quite the crowd for your 4year old to know what an ice sculpture is?! I'm not sure my nine year old knows what that is.

LOVE the stories about the kids. Your #7 sounds like quite the character. I think he and Sweet Pea need a playdate. I can already hear the giggles.

As far as the "man", there is one in every crowd, isn't there?!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Just Us said...

Mark is often an Assassin, usually when getting out of cars! HAHAHAHAHA!

Deb said...

Think how much honest, home-spun wisdom and pithy observations you missed by moving away from Mr. Assassin so soon!

"Shoot, I didn't know girls had fingers on each hand. I thought one was like a spatula, so they can serve sandwiches."

No, probably not...

And your boys crack me up. The ball down the shorts is classic. Princess hides things "in her boobies." Ah, children.

Mummy McTavish said...

Oh you crack me up. This was certainly no 'half a**ed' post. I raise my glass to you in a toast and cry "bottoms up". Okay, I'm done... that post was a classic!

Suz said...

I can't believe Mrs. Boy Nurse is staking claim AGAIN! #7 is Lil's, after all they have kissed each other. And I've heard tell that while Lil was using the potty at #7's house, #7 came in and peed in the tub. I think that means they are a couple, LOL.

Did the assassin have a pipe wrench hooked in his belt loop?

I love your posts, thanks for making me laugh.

Love Ya

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