Friday, May 22, 2009

What The... Fridays

Sunday mornings at Boy House are a little stressed. No matter how organized and efficient I attempt to be on Saturday night, by Sunday morning at 8:00 am I'm in the drill Sargent mode, no one with in eye site is immune to my orders and commands.

"GET UP!" Teenagers.

"Did you shower?" What is it with 12 year olds, are they allergic to soap and water?

"Take your shoes to Daddy!" Shoes are Adorable Hubby's job.

" Help you brother find his shoes!" Every frickin' week!

"#6, shoes belong on your feet or in the shoe basket!" For the 10 billionth time!

"NO! white socks don't go with Sunday pants!" We're so classy.

"GET UP!" Teenagers, arghh!

"Put some toast in!" We eat a LOT of toast on Sundays!


"Comb your hair!" What is it with 12 year old boys?

" Leaving in5 minutes, 5 minutes!" This is all Adorable Hubby, he's the self appointed time keeper. Only time I really want to smack him!

And somewhere in the middle of all this the lone female, me, is madly, showering, blow drying, make-uping, deodorizing, and dressing hoping to beat that, "Leaving in 5 minutes" deadline.

So, last Sunday morning was the first morning with our 17 year old foster son thrown into the mix. I'm shouting orders as per usual at him and everyone else, walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror to see what my next get ready step is.


And realize I'm wearing nothing but a towel!

It's for real, #8 is officially one of my sons! Poor Thing!


Techno Grandma said...

Even with all the hubbub that goes on at your house #8 was so excited when he found that he got to stay with you. He came across the street and told me he was "part of the family,now" gave me a big hug and ask if he could help me garden. He's known what your family is like for quite awhile and will survive even Sunday Mornings!!

Heffalump said...

Sounds like a typical Sunday morning!

Barbaloot said...

Just imagine trying to do all that with 8 girls! Could you imagine the horror?

Mummy McTavish said...

I get sick of holding the towel on while I'm rounding up the cattle and dump it somewhere. Good thing we aren't fostering any teenagers... I think we'd probably be in a LOT of trouble.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Well, I am sure he felt welcome, towel and all. Let's face it, Sunday mornings, before church, are stressful. He got to see the family as it's best :0) I am sure he loved every minute of it.

Do you want 2 more? It is day one of summer break and, well, I am already tired...

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

Now that sounds like a Sunday around our house... I do so much shouting to get everyone out the door on time I wonder how they ever feel the spirit.

Suz said...

Were you wearing the towel on your head?

You are such a great Mom
I love you!!!

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