Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inspired By You Wednesday

The last weeks of school are upon us, tonight was #1's choir concert. I had a hard time keeping my eyes dry and I think I injured my right index finger holding down the record button on my digital camera.

Its been 6 years of choir for this boy. As I watched his last performance I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with emotions. #1 is graduating from the same high school I graduated from 26 years ago. I wonder if he has regrets, things he wishes he'd done differently? That makes me realize that the past eighteen years of my parenting, now stands on its own to face the world, ready or not!

I'm sure that he'll need years of therapy to get over some of my parenting ;) But, regret is a damning emotion, getting caught up in the shoulda's detracts from the joy of this beautiful son of mine singing his heart out, meeting the world head up, hopes high. So, I'm going with... no regrets, well one, I wish I had a better camera.

Enjoy some amazing High School Choir.


Mummy McTavish said...

High School Choir is so much better than High School Musical :)

Well, Proud Boy Mom, he did great! From what you write about him he seems pertty normal to me, so the therapy bills shouldnt see you ending up a bag lady (with your 6 other bag boys trailing behind)

Happy Graduation #1

Suey said...

I only lasted through half of this concert. But what I saw was great!

Deb said...

As a professional music educator, I am very impressed. #1's choir sounds wonderful.

As a fellow mom, I'm teary for you. Congratulations!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

AMAZING talent! I am aure this year is bitter sweet. I will be contacting you when Dimples is ARE cheaper than a therapist, RIGHT?

I am certain #1 knows he is blessed, and, if he doesn't, he will soon enough!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

in time out said...

...I am posting SEVEN wordless wednesday, on SATURDAY!!! along...can you guess. starting at 9am....every hour...♥

Lynn said...

Great choir and congrats on #1 walking the walk...believe me, it's emotional every time !

Suz said...

You have raised an awesome son. If every child had the influence of such wonderful parents it be wonderful. Plus you have taught me so much also. I don't know why you need to take the parenting classes for your license. Maybe they are looking for new instructors, watchout. #1 is blessed. I love that kid, I pray for him as he begins a new path. Scary Huh!

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