Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today when I got to work there were only two cases in the ER, one with confusion and one with constipation.

I am often confused.

Occasionally I get a bit constipated.

Praise all that is holy, neither one has ever sent me to the emergency room.

That is all.


Barbaloot said...

You can go to the ER for confusion? Good grief, I should be a regular there!

Just Us said...

I have had enough of my own experiences in the ER, and I as well have never been there because of confusion, but I have left confused! I must confess to going to the ER for a cut finger! Yup! I called Mark hysterical, and made him come home from school, drive me to the ER, which is 2 blocks away where he goes to school, because I had cut my finger. Granted, half the knuckle was gone, but still!

Anonymous said...

that is an interesting post. Going to the ER for constipation. I have heard it all.

Mummy McTavish said...

I'm confused, that must be some bad constipation! I have seen some serious constipation in my time... killer constipation even. Killed my bird anyway.

Our dog had 24 hours in the doggy ER with an unknown problem that had him completely paralyzed... finally he pooped and got up and wandered around. Don't wanna get that one!

I would think though as a human with slightly more intelligence than either of these geriatric animals I'd be hitting the prune juice before it got that bad!

LeShel said...

scary stuff, hope everyone ended up okay

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Confused and constipated? Are you sure you didn't see Nurse Boy there.

I bet you see some pretty funny stuff. We don't let Nurse Boy talk about work at dinner. We either end up shooting food out of our nose in laughter, or we lose our appetite very quickly. Sometimes both.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Suz said...

Just hope that the Er physician isn't confused or constipated either. That would make the the whole ER trip unbearable.

I am all for fiber!!! You know that if your bowels are happy you'll be happy. In CT we call it FOS, I think the confusion comes with it. It you not thinking clearly you are definitly FOS!!!

Sorry about the slang medical terms, it sounds way better than a cecal fecal impaction.

mandi said...

So funny! My sister-in-law is a nurse in the ER, and she has some REALLY good stories. There are a lot of interesting people out there...

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