Thursday, August 13, 2009

What You Give A Girl With Everything

I celebrated a birthday this week, that means presents. Hooray! Yeah! I'm such a material girl.

I love great gifts the kind that deepen or define a relationship! Unfortunately, I stink at thinking up great, creative presents for people. Sad really because, lucky me, I was spoiled by many people who came up with creative, thoughtful gifts, it's like you know me.

My sister Jenny gave me a tank top, that says,"I feel a sin coming on!" Yes folks, I have a naughty tank tops collection, mostly thanks to Jenny. I don't exactly have a tank top body so I mainly wear my naughty tank tops under other shirts. Church meetings just fly by when you know that under your prim little blouse is a bright orange Hooters tank top.

My sweet neighbors brought over stinky soap. My boys just love the pump bottles of scented hand soap, AKA stinky soap. I don't buy them because my bathrooms have enough little messes with out my young'uns washing their hands 60 times a day. Thanks Cal and June, My boys are in hand washing heaven and my bathroom will smell like watermelon for a few days instead of, well... nuff said.

My sister Mary Ann and her cute husband Ben gave me a soup tureen. I'm suspicoius that it was a gift from their wedding three years ago, something about the way Ben said, "Here, it's your problem now!" When he handed me the oversized box. Mary Ann had noticed that I already had a matching platter so... I'll look forward to serving soup in style this Autumn (And, yes, I'll take any chance I get to use the word Autumn).

My Adorable Hubby comes from good stock (no we're not still talking soup). His Grandpa is 92 and utterly adorable. Grandpa sent me a card that said, "Granddaughter, you're cool and I'm cool. Guess that proves the coolness gene is hit or miss in our family" How hip a card is that for a nintey-two year old? Ohh Yeah! I'm the favorite and coolest granddaughter-in-law. Also the humblest.

My sweet visiting teacher gave me tickets to go see her daughter in a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Adorable Hubby and I went tonight. Fabulous!

Target gift card and Salt-and-Vinegar chips! Thanks Bailey clan, you may know me too well.

My awesome friends Mandi and Paul gave me the gift of NOT baking me one of her really great batches of treats. Instead they brought over popcorn, yum, and a CD of songs and comedy, which I loved. Alot. Paul.

My friends Matt and Kirstin came over for dinner Sunday and managed to decorate a cake in my basement, with my decorating tips, which I got out and handed too them without ever figuring out what they were doing. Either Kirstin is the best liar ever, or I'm oblivious to the obvious, whatever! It was fun to have all my boys and their family in on the surprise and the Happy Birthday singing that accompanied the cake.

Last my friend Suzie had a delicious omlette and toast waiting for me when I got to work Monday morning then posted a blog shout-out so that my blogging friends got to wish me a happy day!

I'm so blessed to have friends and family that care enough to give the very best, and what you give has nothing to do with presents, it's your love and friendship everyday that I treasure, eat your heart out Hallmark! Because I have each of you in my life I truely am the girl with everthing.

Other great gifts, lest anyone should feel left out.
Mummy McTavish- Birthday wishes and hilarious comments for a year now.
Mr. Nurse Boy- It was chocolate cake, thanks.
Mrs Nurse Boy- Coments and best wishes from my fellow vaccume lovin' blog sista.
Relief Society- Hot Pads Very Nice!
Sister-in-law- Pedicure Ahh the joys of getting ones tootsies rubbed.
Adorable Hubby- This is a G-rated blog, I'll say no more.
Grandma B- card, $2.oo. Money, sweet. Getting something besides bills in the mail, priceless!
Mom- Well there's that whole life thing. Then, rent as we've gone through the past tough months. And... time to stop before I cry.
Mom and Dad Smith- Must. Stop. Crying.

Love ya all!


Octamom said...

Happy, happy bday, Boy Mom! Looks like you were well celebrated! So glad for a happy day for you--enjoy!!!


Mummy McTavish said...

Awww, your blog is one of the ones that I get unnaturally excited to find a new post on... I'm not sure if it means I have good taste or I need help.

I want to try a Hooters singlet under my church clothes... problem is my husband CAN NOT keep a secret like that and people in my church know my grandma and there are things I DO NOT want my grandma to be questioning me about... did that make sense? put more simply if I wore a Hooters singlet to church I'd then have to explain to my grandma what Hooters is (are?) and why I had one of their singlets... just that thought is enough that I don't think I can make eye contact with my grandma anymore.

Glad you were well taken care of!

Barbaloot said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like a good one:)

Did you see 'Joseph' at the Scera? I went there and loved it!

mandi said...

Shoot, I didn't know our gifts would be rated. It was hard not to bake anything! And I kept making fun of Paul for making you a junior high "mix tape," but I'm really glad you liked it. You got some good stuff!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Not sure what I love more... Your awesome post or Mummy McT's comment?! So when will we all meet, because that is a memory waiting to be had!!!!!

So glad you had a blessed birthday!! I only wish I could have gotten you a Dyson. When I hit the lottery I will let you pick out the Dyson you want! Deal?!

Mrs. Nurse Boy
Now I need to go buy a ticket...

Willow Tree said...

Happy Birthday! So glad to hear you have been chased down with blessings. :)


Adams Family said...

We didn't get you anything but we love you. Happy birthday.

Cori Ann said...

Just wish I could have given you more. YOU DESERVE IT!!! Sure do love ya! :)

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