Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Wraps

No this is not a wonderful recipe for leftover turkey. This is a random wrap-up of our Thanksgiving holiday.

Kudos to Adorable Hubbies Sister and Brother-in-law on an absolutely fantastic turkey and stuffing. Adorable Hubby and I agree that food wise, it was our best ever Thanksgiving. I've got a little trickle of drool running down my chin just thinking of it.

On Monday before Thanksgiving #3 son announced that he wanted to try banana cream pie. I always try to make sure everyone has their favorite food for big gatherings so I made two banana cream pies. Turns out boy family members aren't big banana cream pie fans.

This conversation took place on Thanksgiving morning between me and #5.
"Mom, what is stuffing?"

"It's dried up bread and spices mixed with broth and stuffed inside the Turkey to keep it from drying out while it's cooked."

#5's face is settling into a look of confusion," So you stuff old dried up bread it into the Turkeys guts?"

Boy Mom's face is settling into a look of chagrin at how this sounds, "Well, it's bread mixed with yummy spices and broth, and yes it goes in where the, umm...guts used to be."

"So, how and why do we eat it?" His expression is bordering on disgust.

"Well after the turkey is done cooking, we scoop out the stuffing and put it in a bowl and then some people like to eat it with their potatoes and gravy and turkey..." I can't continue because the look of disgust has turned to a look of horror that is making me feel a little queasy.

"Mom, I don't think I like stuffing." He shudders a little.

"#5, I'm not sure I like stuffing anymore either." as I gag a little over the word stuffing.

Did I mention the stuffing was excellent? It wasn't cooked in the turkey though. And #5 made it very clear that he wasn't eating any stuffing...ever!

I was told by two different people that pecan pie reminded them of beetles. One kind soul, aka #1 son further clarified the beetles as "more like cockroaches really!"

I had no problem eating pecan pie. No worries that no one wanted to share.


We joined Adorable Hubbies Mom and Dad, Brother and Sister and families and two great grandparents for feasting, laughing, games and fun. As we left #8 our foster son said,"Wow, that's really beautiful."

"What?" I asked thinking maybe he was referring to a house with Christmas lights we were passing.

"Thanksgiving with Adorable Hubbies family." He sighed.

"Yes, #8 it was a beautiful day for a beautiful holiday!"


Kristina P. said...

I do love me some banana cream pie.

I'm actually not a stuffing fan. It's too salty.

Barbaloot said...

I'm not big into stuffing myself...mostly cuz it doesn't taste all the good. Banana cream pie though...that I would eat:)

LeShel said...

#8 sounds like a keeper!

Snarr mama said...

It makes me SO happy thinking about the wonderful home that #8 has now!

Chief said...

I was so disappointed when there was no pecan pie this year! I am glad you had some!

Heffalump said...

I think it is called dressing if you don't stuff it into the gut cavities. I prefer it as dressing. Oyster dressing to be exact! YUM!
Thanks for the smiles!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

So glad to hear that you all had a blessed Thanksgiving!

And, I am all about pie... ANY pie! YUM!

Mrs. NB

Suz said...

I go for the dressing thing as well. No one the stuffing, do you know what has been up there?

Sorry to all the pie lovers. Our family devoured a chocolate pie and a pecan pie that Boy Mom delivered to us. We are spoiled. Thanks Boy Mom, it had been along day at work.

I am so glad you had a lovely day with hubbies family.



Suey said...

I'm so happy #8 gets to experience moments like these with you guys. It makes you see things through a whole new lens, doesn't it.

Cori Ann said...

We sure do love you #8. Welcome to the family. :) I also thought that it was a beautiful holiday. Glad you all liked the turkey and stuffing. I'd love to take the credit but it was pretty much all MY adorable hubbies doing. He is an amazing chef and I love that about him. Maybe that is why I'm so pleasantly plump... HeHeHe!

mandi said...

I'm glad you weren't too offended at my tactful hubby's beetle comment. That pie was yummy!! Yummy, crunchy beetles.

#8 is such a sweet kid. I'm glad he gets to be with such a great family.

Mummy McTavish said...

You took Suz pie??? Where's mine?

I love that #8 gets to see what a loving family is like. There's people butting heads and accidentally hurting each other and all the regular annoying stuff but there is love, and lots of it!

oh, and I don't eat stuffing and I don't think banana cream pie sounds very nice (I don't know why, I have just always thought that)... but I'll take a pecan pie :-)

Anonymous said...

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