Sunday, November 1, 2009

Check Mate

I consider myself fairly intelligent and quick witted. My sons are all to quick to knock me down a peg or two lest I should get too carried away in my own cleverness.

For instance, the other afternoon after a particularly trying day with #7 my 5 year old, I asked him in tones dripping with exasperation, "#7, why did you do that?"

He thought, he pursed his lips, he wrinkled his forehead, he screwed up his face and thought really hard, then his face relaxed and brightened as he answered confidently, "Because I'm a kid!"

Ummm, touche, checkmate and all that #7! You ARE one AMAZING kid!


hknight said...

sometimes they are just too cute to get mad at!

Chief said...

gotcha on that one

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

I like that boy... He is one honest little guy!!! Wish I had been able to join in on your fun last night. So, when are you moving closer, huh?

Will chocolate as bribery help, or is your housing overflowing with it, too?!

Mrs. NB

Barbaloot said...

I wish I could use that excuse for doing things:)


Can't argue that one. Adorable.

Blessings, C~

Cowboy mom said...

that's right #7! Me, Too.

LeShel said...


Suz said...

#7, Ha-ha-hah!!

He is so smart. How come they are starting so young with the quick come backs. Oh wait it is us getting old! Argh

Just don't let him use that excuse for everything.

Haven't we discussed this, your are not moving closer to Mrs. Nurse Boy, LOL!!



Robbins said...

Your kids are so darling. Can I just have a couple?

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