Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Public School Endorsements, Not

I thought Kindergarten was supposed to be the highlight of a child's' public school career. Two and a half hours, of art, games, stories, snacks, a little math and writing with an oh so sweet teacher, it doesn't get any better than that. Apparently my boys don't agree.

When #5 was looking forward to Kindergarten I thought he would be the child who begged to go early and stay late he was so excited for the first day of school. Day number one we dropped him off he was happy and eager. When we picked him up he told us about his teacher and all the fun things he did the same on day two excited to go looking forward to learning. The third day we pulled up in front of the school and he asks, "What am I doing here again?"
"You have school Sweetie!" I reply.
"If they think I'm coming here every fricken' stinkin' day..." It's been a 'barrel of fun' getting him to go ever since.

#6 is a different child, he thinks everything through. He is serious and stoic about nearly everything. We had discussed Kindergarten with the same seriousness most seniors approach their last year of high school.
"Mom, next year when I'm in Kindergarten what exactly will I be learning?"
"Mom, do you think I will need to make better B's before I start kindergarten?"
"Mom, Grandma taught me my numbers, I don't think you're working with me enough."
I didn't think we'd have the same excitement but I did think he would appreciate the regular schedule and consistency of kindergarten.

#6 Went the first days with out reporting much; so, when we drove past his school on errands one day and he asked "Mom, do you know what the best thing about that school is?" I was expecting a well thought out and touching observation.
"What's the best thing about your school Joseph?" I asked.
"Leaving it every day!" He replied with the slightest snide smile.

"Sigh." Maybe #7 will be my sweet and adorable kindergartener.

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S'mee said...

oy. I never had any kids who didn't enjoy grade school, but even *I* didn't like jr high and high school. The majority of teachers just got all snarky. Why would a kid want to go and deal with the snark all day? After reading this and the previous post it should be amazingly clear why I LOVED -seriously LOVED- having my kids home all the time. School was such a hassle! : 0
Soccer? I was the mom secretly praying our team would lose. Quickly. And that none of our children would be athletic enough to go to Commissioner's Cup. Or All Stars. And that the other moms would stop referring to me as the "drop off" mom, because they had no idea I have 4 other kids in the car who had to be to 4 other fields at the same exact time. And that oranges would please go on sale.
I'm not a fan of soccer.

You will be amazed at how sweet, smart, and wonderful your children become once they graduate. College is a whole new world!

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