Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tag I'm It

Whitney at Baby Tunnel Exodus tagged me; so, since the creative juices are being sucked dry by homework, football, and my insane schedule, and because the world can never know enough about MEEE, here goes.

Attached or Single? Attached to Adorable Hubby Richard and my seven fascinating, and also adorable sons.

Best Friend(s)? Adorable Hubby is my dearest truest friend. My incredible, awesome friend Suzie is next followed closely by oh so many family and associates that I am blessed to call close friends.

Cake or Pie? Yes! (Oh and Whitney I want that stellar recipe for Andes Candy Pie)

Day of Choice? Friday, no school the next day, a date with Adorable Hubby and for some reason I have made this my accomplishment day, I get lots done on Friday. (Last Friday I made 16 pints of jam)

Essential Item? Water, Figi please or there's this new brand, the name of which eludes me at the moment, that is from Wales and comes in a very cool bottle. (Yeah, Yeah, I realize that I'm putting tons of money in the pockets of some dude filling up bottles at his kitchen sink somewhere.)

Flavor of Ice Cream? Star Bucks, Mocha Java Chip drizzled with caramel, if it makes it into a bowl that is.

Gummy Bears or Worms? Black Forest Gummy bears if I must. Whitney I found those neon Orange Circus Peanuts which Adorable Hubby adores for .50 cents a bag yesterday, bought 6 bags of them.

Hometown? Orem, Utah

Indulgences? Pedicures! Temporary tattoos!

January or July? July, fire works and watermelon baby!

Kids? Jacob, Joshua, Jeremiah, Benjamin, Isaac, Joseph, Adam, Seven amazing boys from 17 down to 4 years old. Can't imagine life without a single one of them.

Last Movie I Saw In The Theater? Mamma Mia, here I go again. Ah Ha how can I resist Ya... Yeah, the people in the theater didn't appreciate me singing along either.

Middle Name? Lynn

Number of Siblings? eleven, I'm number one

Oranges or Apples? Caramel apples mmmmm!

Phobia or Fear? OK, this is a tad bit embarrassing, I'm terrified of... pigs, what? they freak me out. I also can't hear three words with out gagging and no I won't even think them let alone type them.

Quote? I like Disney movie quotes, my favorite two are from Cinderella, "Even miracles take a little time." And the penguin caper movie, "What's the Penguin Motto? Never roll in Bisquic and hot Oil?"

Reason to Smile?
I am blessed to see the handiwork of God in all of life's little tragedies and happinesses.

Season? Let's see there's Football Season and Baseball Season. Hmm...I'd have to go with Football season.

Tag 5 More:Amy, Cori Ann, Cathy, Heather, Hanna

Unknown Fact About Me? I pick my toenail polish by the color name that appeals the most on the days I indulge with a pedicure, last color choice was, Naughty.

Vegetarian or Carnivore? I like thick, crusty bread with meat and veggies in it I guess that makes me a vegebreadivore.

Worst Habit? I have a mean little voice in my head that makes me feel guilty about every thing and that I'll never be all I should be. My worst habit is listening to that voice.

Xrays or Ultrasounds? Umm, this is an odd question. I would change it to Xylophones or accordions? Definitely Accordions, there is nothing more frustrating then trying to plink out a tune on that Fisher Price Xylophone.

Your Favorite Food? YES.

Zodiac? LEO, I'm a lioness Grroowwl.


S'mee said...

this was great!

Anonymous said...

I did laugh out loud at the YES! answer to food. As I'm sitting here at Aaron's office, hiding out from my children, eating my 100th chocolate kiss (they're so little so a lot is o.k., right?), I'd have to agree...unfortunately. Tomorrow you will find me on the treadmill :)

Cori Ann said...

I thought there was only two words that grossed you out... The P--- word and the S---- word. What on earth is the 3rd. I guess I will have to ask one of your boys the next time we're together. Tell Jeremiah that I didn't forget his birthday. I will give him his card when we meet at mom's house for priesthood conference.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Where do I start? 16 pints of jam??? What kind of magic do Friday’s work at your house? Tell me and I’ll not only give you the pie recipe, I’ll make you 16 of them. 50 cents a bag? I’ve got my GPS in my hand, just give me the address – I’m there. 10 siblings?? I’m so jealous. Vegebreadivore? I’m conjuring you up as Lucy – Vitameatavegimen! Loved getting to know you! Blessings, Whitney

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