Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My boys have been up to their usual hijincks, some of them are really dang cute.

Adam is fully immersed in the 4 year old super hero stage. He has developed an evil laugh which he uses indiscriminately for bad guys or good guys, whoever has the upper hand get to take advantage of the bwahahaha. Today he came in with two toilet paper tubes shoved down the back of his batman underwear, "Now I can fly," he announced,"because I have rockets."

Jeremiah celebrated his thirteenth birthday, I have three teenagers living in my house @@. I caught a picture of my, oh so cool little stud trying out his new Airsoft gun with his best friend Tommy and brother Ben.

When we came home from a football game tonight we found the three youngest had built a go cart using a box, tape and the wagon. I think they did a great job and was pleased that they included not one but two shoulder harnesses; I guess safety week is paying off. Just don't tell anyone that three minuets later Isaac got mad at Joseph and tipped the whole thing over with Joseph in it. Isaac then took the box part out to the slide and turned it in to a sled.


hknight said...

It's so fun to see how creavitive little boy minds are! I love the rocket butt and the go cart! Boys rule!

Anonymous said...

who is that tall grown-up, good-looking boy standing behind the wagon???? If you tell me it's who I think it is and has to be, I'm gonna poop an egg mcmuffin!!

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