Friday, September 12, 2008

The Darndest Things

My boys have been coming up with some pretty funny things lately so I thought I'd share.

Benjamin, age 11, had a rough draft of a 6 page report on asteroids due. Because of so much time spent at football he was concerned about having enough written to get it handed in on time.
"Benjamin, you've done enough, a rough draft is just handing in everything you have done it doesn't have to be perfect its a rough draft!"
" Well maybe that's how rough drafts were in your day ... "

It's official I'm old enough to have my own day.

Recently, Adorable Hubby discovered a sugar free fruit punch that has become the latest addiction in our family; it's sugar free tastes great and is inexpensive. He quickly figured out that each of our boys would go through a gallon a day if we didn't have some rules so the rules are as follows.
1. It's Dad fruit punch if you want some ask Dad.
2. Your glass must be 3/4 full of ice before you can fill it with fruit punch.
3. Don't mix any fruit punch with out asking Dad.

Benjamin added a forth and final rule.
4. When mixing fruit punch don't sniff the powder, it smells good but a big whiff will make you cough and sneeze and make your boogers red. (apparently Ben and Miah found out the hard way)

A couple Fridays ago we took our three little boys to Wingers for dinner. They were having a hard time focusing on eating for all the distractions, TV's, waiters, people coming and going. Finally Adorable Hubby bribed them with a promise to share his Asphalt Pie if they ate all their food.
Isaac: Dad, I don't know if I want any Ass Hole Pie.

I'm with you Isaac, I think we'll let Dad eat that tasty treat all by himself.

Jeremiah loves baseball he is an excellent first basemen a decent hitter and can play any position including pitcher in a crisis. He likes football but at heart I think his first love will always be baseball. The other day while we were at Joshua's football game Miah called to see how things were going.
Miah: Who's winning Mom?
Mom: The other team.
Miah: What inning is it?

Yeah, I think at heart he's a baseball player.

Driving in the car with the three youngest age 4 to 7, over the radio we hear the unmistakable first gong of ACDC's Song Hells Bells. From the back seat all three little voices say in unison, "Oh I love this song, turn it up".

They know most of the words too... darn those teenage boys and their musically 'stuck in the 80's' Daddy.

But best of all was our Adam, as Adorable Hubby and I were driving to Costco discussing what staples we were low on or out of, Adam chimes in from the backseat, " Mommy, we all out of tocolate!"

Amen Adam, this is a four year old with his grocery priorities straight.


Anonymous said...

I will laugh about the pie for days. Your baseball fan is still miles ahead of me on the sports lingo... I'm what you'd call an "indoor girl." LOL. Sounds like fall is in full swing for you guys. Blessings, Whitney

S'mee said...

I had to read the sport thing like four times... I knew there was a joke in there but just couldn't get it, so I read it out loud to Thor.

um, yeah. oy.

Oh and a little heads up on that powdered drink mix. When The Painter was on his mission I sent him with all white linens and towels thinking it would save him money on laundry day having only one load of all whites to wash...he could hand wash the socks. Any who, at Christmas he finally thanked me for the idea. Seems the ZLs came by one day while he, his comp, and flat mates were out and did some redesign. They sprinkled various colours of kool-aid mix into all the sheets and towels. Lime in the green towels, grape in the purple and blue, cherry in the red, you get it. But with white the kool-aid would shoe, so his things were passed by like blood to the angel of death. Seems when a wet missionary dries of in a kool-aid dusted towel he then becomes dyed that colour...for a few days. Sleeping in kool-aid furthers the problem.

Hope that helps. : )


Cowboy mom said...

The shirts are just a little snug and I can't believe you Did that I'm thinking that after I'm done nursing they'll fit a lot better! I seem to be quite busty (sigh) Yeah I was really shocked that Mom commented, too. She just really loves animal shaped bushes I guess. I'm getting a bigger kick out of those that didn't get the football joke Than the joke itself. How many innings are there in a football game anyway?

Anonymous said...

PS, I tagged you for A-Z About Me on my blog! :o) ~Whitney

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