Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Waning

January, fickle month, dangling enticing offers of indelible change.

Two faced God, turning pious wants, guilt laden passions to life of dearth.

I am being, eclipsed by futile doing.

I cling to your promise, curse your passing, evidence of my failure.

When surrendered to February love, indulgence excused in romantic promise.

Healing love lit days lengthen, spring tantalizes, summer beckons.

I repent sweet January, patient teacher, loving friend of present being.

Tis not your dark cold I fear, but my unrealized whorl.

This is known as the Hidden Galaxy, isn't it beautiful.


Tracey said...

That was beautiful Susan.

blogismycopilot said...

why can you write decent poetry, but that lady at the inaugaration who will probably end up being the poet laureate could not?

S'mee said...


Lynn said...

Very that poet at the inaugration for sure !

blogismycopilot said...

Congratulations, the choice has been made and YOU are our very first ever "Blog is My Co-Pilot OFFICIAL Co-Pilot"...there is a "Stamp" on the upper right hand corner for you to copy into your blog as your award.

This really is a great blog and the award is made with all sincerity.


lagirl said...

What a neat family you have. I'm thinking you ought to have your own TV show!

Congrats on the Co Pilot Award. You soooo deserve it!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You are so talented! Thanks for sharing. And, now, you even have an award to your name! To think that I will get to say someday that I knew you when...


Mrs. Nurse Boy

MBLL said...

Can I have your autograph?
I tell you you need to write a book. Love Ya.

Mummy McTavish said...

Came yesterday but got distracted before the comment section (SEE, every time it happens)


Octamom said...

Now there is some amazing prose, my friend! Wow!


mandi said...

Love that!

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