Monday, January 12, 2009

Mondays' Muttered Mumblings

To begin, I must confess that I was a bed wetter, Adorable Hubby was also a bed wetter. Yeah I know, falls under the label of 'too much information', oh well, if you're horrified try putting your fingers in your eyes and saying la la la... 'cause it's gonna get worse folks! It's Monday!

Sunday morning around 7:00 am I was curled up in bed trying to get every minute of sleep possible before 9:00 am church. Suddenly I realized I wasn't dreaming the sensation of a warm stream of water spraying me in the rump. I got out of bed pretty quickly but it was wayyyy to late. I was soaked, so soaked that I wondered for a moment if I had actually suffered a flashback to childhood and wet myself.

If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to handle a bed wetter I'd love to hear them. This little guy is 6 and we have tried everything, from restricting liquids in the evenings to getting him up every two hours for a bathroom trip. Overnight diapers help of course but don't address the larger issue of his not being able to relax and empty his bladder until he is curled up safe and warm against Mom or Dads' back or warm and safe in his own bed.

We are very gentle with him considering the genetics and all; but are starting to get a bit desperate. Suggestions, anyone.


S'mee said...

I've heard that sometimes it can be an allergy? In regard to a cure, I have nothing to offer other than sympathies.

I can remember two times when I was WAY beyond the age and wet my pants in public. Yowzers. 6th grade. I had gone during recess, but had a FULL bladder and a MEAN teacher who didn't believe me until I burst right there in the third row on the isle. DREADFUL!

And then a funny one in Jr.High. We (the entire YW/YM) went to a roller rink and we were just laughing and having such a good time and someone said something too too funny and -yup- I wet my pants laughing! Luckily all my girl friends were hysterical at the time, someone lent me their wind breaker to wrap around my waist, and we all just kept laughing like hyenas. Dumb girls.

Good luck with your little guy. I hope he grows out of it soon. : )

Mummy McTavish said...

All the running water around here at the moment is enough to make anyone wet the bed! Not the time to start night training for my boys.

Mum was told no milk for my brother, I think it was like after 4pm or something, it makes the problem worse.

Not exactly the kind option but you could look up catheter pictures and tell him he'll be getting one if he wants to sleep next to mummy... sleeping next to daddy, well that's fine:) I also still have a stash of stick on urine sample baggies from our dramatics, I can send them your way;)

Anonymous said...

Vitamin B6 and Magnesium and no sugar. Grandma from personal experience.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Yet another thing we have in common! Not that I am exactly excited about this one...

My six year old just stopped wetting the bed. We did nothing special, it just finally "clicked." Our 9 year old has been a completely different story. He is struggling even more now that his brother isn't wetting the bed. He only wets about twice a month now, but he still hates it.

He even gave up milk completely for awhile. (It really didn't help.) He did that all by himself. I never push him. I had a cousin who wet the bed and it affected her relationship with her entire family.

I guess it is related to some hormone that some of our kids are late in developing...that and the whole genetic thing. (Nurse Boy was a bed wetter.) Anyway, we are considering purchasing an alarm for the bed. Everyone we know who has used them found them to be very helpful.

So, really, I've got nothing. Keep me posted if you find success!

Cowboy mom said...

just encouragement, it's very common. Poor little guy, good luck.

Gill said...

I think this really is one of those universal problems tbh with you. One thing that did work for us, was rather then night time pants, you can buy bed sheets by pampers they go over (or under) the cotton bed linen and catch the spill. But this way the child still feels the wetness in his / her jamas. We did it in the summer months as the top cover was a sheet and made my wash load lighter!! Oh and for moms of daughters we use those pampers sheets now for the girls since they are "young ladies" if you know what i mean ;)Saves a lot of embarressment.

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions, I just wanted to offer my moral support. Poor little fella! Poor mom and dad.

Imperfect Mom said...

I was reading about this not too long ago and basically it comes down to the fact that they are very deep sleepers. Eventually they grow out of it.

Annie Valentine said...

My husband wet the bed until his mother got an alarm. The first time it went off and woke the entire household he was so embarrassed, he never did it again.

Personally, I'd probably love all the midnight attention, so this method won't work on everyone.

S'mee said...

I'm not sure I'd do anything that might embarrass him, then you'll have another problem to solve. If nothing else he needs to know he can come to you with whatever problem and *know* you will always be compassionate. Firm yes, compassionate yes, embarrassed? only by accident.

MBLL said...

One comment said it was because of being a deep sleeper. Well, as you know he'll grow out of that. I don't think my teenager sleeps.

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

I wet the bed till I was 7 due to a milk allergy, my daughter has the same problem. We found if we don't let her have milk in the evening and no liquids after or with Dinner, and have her go potty before bed (at 7), and then we have her get up again when we go to bed at 10, she can make it through the night.

If she complains about not having a drink with dinner, or about getting up at 10 we remind her that when she can remember to take herself during the night she can be incharge of when she drinks, but while I am doing the laundry every day I am incharge.

It has worked wonderfully! she has stopped complaining and we make it 99% of the time dry, and occationally she is dry even after drinking something with dinner!

Boy Mom said...

Thanks for all your encouraging comments. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

Our little guy is so sober and serious, he's easily embarrassed and even talking to him about ideas that might help is difficult. We are definitely looking into the allergies thing, based on the medical example of our older boys. We will try some of the ideas and continue to be patient with him.

Anyway as long as I aim him towards Adorable Hubby it's not really a problem for me :p

mandi said...

We're having that problem, too with our 8 year old boy? Don't want to embarrass him either, but it sure is frustrating. I've been thinking of taking him to the doctor, but I know he'd be mortified. It's good to know it's such a common problem.

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