Thursday, January 22, 2009

Throbbin' Thurdays

I have almost, not quite but freakishly close, achieved the height of blog cheesiness. You see I have nearly every day of the week associated with a cheesy title that alliterates with the name of the day, hmm, can alliterate be used as a verb? So, for example Mondays are Mondays Muttered Mumblings, triple alliteration, such clever literary skills. Toothsome Tuesdays, Inspired By You Wednesdays, Sundays Sabbath uhh, stuff? (haven't thought all of them through quiet yet). Any who, one can see where this is headed, yes, today the blogging muse touched my creativity bones and I came up with a theme for Thursdays.

To explain, I believe it's normal to develop crushes on anything from people to flavors, to ideas. Let's face it being a Mom can get pretty routine, a numbing blur of carpooling, laundry, kids, cleaning, laundry, homework, cooking and laundry, these little infatuations add excitement and spark to the day-to-day routine. So, Thursdays are Duly Dubbed, Throbbin' Thursday, I'll post about whatever little crush is making me feel like a real woman, adding some zing to my week.

This week I'm totally throbbing on Mr and Mrs Nurse Boy. I found them from comments on a site I was reading, the name Nurseboy caught my attention, once I saw the picture of The Mr and Mrs, as they call themselves, and their three darling children it was instant infatuation. Now that I've tried some of The Mrs. recipes and discovered we both have a thing for vacuums; and, laughed with The Mr. as he battles fearsome possums and takes on persnickety neighbors; well, it's a full blown bloggy crush.

Don't worry Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy, no need to file that restraining order you're most likely considering just about now, by next week I'll probably have moved on to cream cheese smothered in Kiwi Habanero Jelly on Wheat Thins, I'm fickle that way.

Happy Throbbin' Thursday!


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

And I thought you had taste. The crush has been mutual, so we can't file a restraining order since the stalking is consentual.

...they call me mommy... said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your gang of guys is great! :-) (your neat titles for your post inspired me!) My hubby has 5 brothers so we understand how cool that can be!!! (he also has 6 sisters...heehee)


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Awww...thanks so much for the bloggy love! The Mr. is right, it is mutual. It is so much fun to make friends in the bloggy world! I am just still in aw of all of your boys and that you find time to blog. I am so glad that you do!

But, we must get together some day and talk vaccums! Love them!

MBLL said...

I can,t wait to read the Starbucks Throbbin post Ha-Ha. I love this blogging stuff too. It is 11:16 pm. I should be in bed. Crazy I'd rather read your blog than sleep. Oooo...addictions. Just kiddin' I just have a few minutes to my self and my oldest wasn't occuping the computer. But he is now anxiously waitng on the couch, pretendting to be interested in the TV. I wish I had the gifts of thought and writing ablities of many of the authors of the blogs I read. I am working on making really long comments on others blogs. Love ya

Mummy McTavish said...

I've been a casual stalker of the Nurse Boys, keep meaning to comment and out myself but like most blogs I get to the comment section and someone starts screaming to be rescued from some sort of sibling inflicted peril. Ahhh, I love being a mummy. I shall go say hello now... as soon as I do my superhero impersonation and rescue some sibling in distress.

in time out said...

I LOVE THIS. it makes the most sense to me. i love all the themes as well...i just forget to do most of them. today is, for instance, flash fiction friday...55 word story...i am still trying to figure out how to say something if 55 words or less...hmmmm happy day to you!

blogismycopilot said...

saw you on Clan of the Cave Hair and stopped by to see that you're all about. Great Blog! I should tell you I'm stalking the neighborhood for great bloggers to award the "Official Co-Pilot" award too. Maiden flight is Monday! Keep your eyes open for the very first ever Official Co-Pilot award coming to a blog near you!

Octamom said...

They are awesome, aren't they? Would you give me the stink eye if I declared a crush on 'em, too?


Lynn said...

I have commented on many blogs but the ones I love most ( like yours LOL) are those that interact with me and others thru, of all things, commenting on comments they've received...and then the icing on the cake, visiting my blogs and becoming loyal followers

You daily themes are not cheesy at all...I look forward to reading each post !

Mrs Lemon said...

good thing I didn't have anything in my mouth when I saw the "stalking is consentual" comment

Boy Mom said...

So now you all know why I love Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy, just read those hilarious comments.

Watch out all y'all, Throbbin' Thursday comes around every seven days that's 52 mad crushes a year. Sends a naughty shiver down my spine just thinking of it. ;>

Chaos-Jamie said...

Awwwww, I have the distinct privilege of knowing them IRL. And I promise you, they are hilarious in person, too.

AND, BTW, I claim to be the reason they have a blog at all. So I'll take this post as a "thankyouverymuch, Chaos."

(I put that there in case they are comment stalking.)

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