Monday, October 26, 2009


All through the week as I go about my fascinating and exciting life I think of hilarious or touching things to blog. Then I find myself with a rare beautiful moment of computer time and can't think of a blamed one of them to actually post.

Remember in lion king when Zazu says to Scar, "Yes, well as slippery as your mind is." I think my mind is slippery, any great thoughts slip away before they can grace the world with utterance.

So here are some really random and not great thoughts in no particular order.

I just listened to Sting,
Fields of Gold for the fifth time. Good song! And, Sting = HOT!

Paula Cole has a new album out. Really like Paula Cole and her new album. I'm sure she's thrilled to know I approve of her.

Wouldn't it be great if we could just act on our feelings with out fear or self-doubt. Well, there might be a poor unsuspecting person or two that would die of shock if I acted on some of my feelings. But still...

Did I mention I work with Doctor's. I was thinking... wouldn't it be great if we could read they're amazingly advanced beyond ours brains. It would save them so much grief trying to communicate with us underlings. Plus we might be able to decipher their writing.

My #3 is taking his broken femur like a real trooper. He calls himself a cripple or handicapped and expects privileges. Double samples at Costco, parking passes, no chores, he's even planning on extra Trick-or-Treat candy.
It's getting really old!

Yesterday was the Primary Program (church service presented by the 11 years and under crowd). Ohh the sweetness of children singing and sharing their feelings for their families, Father in heaven and the Savior. I cried the whole time! Way to go Primary Kids! Way to go leaders!

Why are Peanut Butter Bars so freaking delicious ?

I don't believe I'll be wearing that cute little clearance dress, in oranges and browns with just a touch of purple, along with a cute pair of legging's for Halloween. I was so sure I would lose the 10 or 50 little pounds that would make it look adorable. Stupid peanut butter bars!

Of all the things that could really bug me about people the thing that really gets me is (this is so dumb) the way they walk. If someone walks weird or worse, runs oddly, it drives me crazy. And now I need to go video myself walking and running...just in case.

My 5 year old said balls and/or penis in church yesterday, then he ran outside and hid for 15 or so minutes scaring Adorable Hubby pretty badly. Duct tape or soap, soap or duct tap, decisions, decisions. Discipline, parenting would be cake if we didn't have to discipline.

The other day I was at the swimming pool with #3, the water is great broken leg therapy. As we sat just inside the roped off kiddie area a little red head girl swam up, ducked under the rope, emerged dramatically from the water, shook back her hair and said, "Hi, my name is Jane but you should call me Ariel because that's who I'm pretending to be. I just love Ariel, I love everything about her, I think it's because I have red hair and beautiful blue eyes just like her!" She looked around as though surveying her kingdom, turned back to us threw out her arms and declared, "The swimming pool is my real world!" #3 turned to me, straight faced, cocked an eye brow and said, "Now, there's a girl who knows what she wants." A girl who knows what she wants? Rare indeed #3, rare indeed.

OK, I'm done!


Suey said...

Love Sting!

The program DID turn out pretty well, didn't it.

Why are any kind of bars so good?

Anonymous said...

My sons collar bone just got clearance to go risk it again! LOL. He never thought of special priveleges! Whew! What an escape! Sadly, I cannot stand peanut butter unless it's in a Reeces Cup, but I can put on the weight with the best of them.

Duct Tape or Soap? Try one of our alternatives:

Chief said...

go to Disneyland get to go up to the front of the line!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Random perfection, my friend. Random perfection.

Stupid peanut butter bars. They seem to like my thighs to.

That last little bit about the girl CRACKED ME UP!!!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mummy McTavish said...

so when a post makes you smile you do this... :)
when it makes you laugh you do this... lol
When you are holding your almost asleep baby and you can't lol and :) isn't enough you... sos.

Snot on screen.

LOVED IT. you reminded me I have to do a quick little post about a little word my Dragon said in church the other day.

You have bars made of peanut butter??? mmmmm.

Barbaloot said...

Ah-the primary program. So fun-and I love the new songs that the kids sang this year.

Can I have some peanut butter bars?

LeShel said...

i must say Ariel sounds like she knows what she wants. I once new a girl just like her then the world left it's ugly marks and she hid her passion.

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