Saturday, October 10, 2009

Under Where?

As I was getting #7 dressed this AM we had this conversation about playing at his cousin Kenneth's house.

#7: Mom yesterday when I was at Kenneth's house he let me borrow a pair of his underwear.

Boy Mom: Why did he let you borrow his underwear? My Boy Mom radar begins flashing.

#7: Eecause he's my bestest friend in the whole world! He spreads his arms wide to illustrate his point.

Boy Mom: No, I mean why did you need to borrow HIS underwear? Since I can't get him to wear his OWN underwear I was mighty curious.

#7: Eecause I didn't have any on. Surprise!

Boy Mom: Where were your underwear? I do make him put them on every morning just for fun.

#7: My underwear were home on the bathroom floor. Surprise! I'm just waiting for a call from the school saying he left them on the bathroom floor there.

Boy Mom: Did you have pants on? What? It's a legitimate question with this one.

#7: Yes! Accompanied by an exaggerated eye roll.

Boy Mom: Then why did you need to borrow Kenneth's underwear?

#7: Eecause #6 and me and Kenneth wanted to be NAKED Ma... Ohh, I mean UNDERWEAR MAN!!!

Boy Mom: WHAT???

#7: You don't get it Mom. No, despite years of boys and their super hero alter egos, No I don't get it!

Boy Mom: I won't let you play at Kenneth's house if you are going to play Naked Man or Underwear Man!

#7: OK ! We'll play it here! Major eye rolling!

Boy Mom: That's not what I mean...

I quit, obviously I'd lost control of the conversation. I thought parenting was supposed to be easier with the last one.


Chief said...

So really, my 8 year old refuses to wear underwear even though his dad has tried to explain that he should or his testicles will get so stretchy they will drag the ground. he is not concerned at all about that threat

Cowboy mom said...

Sheeesh, Mom.

Oh, hey, What's under there?

Under THERE?

Barbaloot said...

I don't think I'll ever understand boys and their love of being naked. My grown-up brothers still get a kick out of it...?

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