Friday, October 16, 2009

What The... Party Animal

The boys are out of school for fall break yesterday and today. Adorable Hubby is out of town on a business trip. My friend Suz and I had taken this weekend off work so that we could pack up the kids and head down to our favorite vacation destination for some hiking and waterfall swimming. Then, #3 broke his leg.

What do you do with 11 boys, one little girl, two crazy moms and a wheelchair?

Yesterday we left the kids playing and went to Target. Just the Moms, we tried on hats and sunglasses, we giggled, we bought rugs? I don't know why we bought rugs...oh yeah, I had a bridal shower to go to, and they were cute and cheap.

Back at Boy House we sat in the car listening to music and slapping little hands trying to steal our Salt and Vinegar chips. We thought about a big sleepover and made pumpkin cookies. A big sleepover was ruled out but Suz awesomely decided to take my three youngest to her house for a mini-sleepover. Dang, my three little bed buddies gone and no Adorable Hubby to celebrate with.

OK, lets be honest, around Boy House time alone with the TV on something but video games, Disney Channel (don't get me started on Disney Channel) or football is a Boy Mom PARTY, especially if cookies are involved.

I ran to the bridal shower said my hellos and good-byes and was headed to the store for something salty to go with my Pumpkin Butterscotch Pecan cookies when a friend I haven't visited with forever stopped me for an hour visit, hooray! Two girl friend in one day, don't know if I can handle the estrogen, it was so good to see her and visit. Love me some girlfriend time!

It was getting late so I headed home without stopping at the store, got #3 and #4 and #8 some dinner tucked #3 and his broken femur into bed sent #4 over to play with a friend till eleven, ran some cookies over to a friend, not safe to have too many Pumpkin Butterscotch Pecan cookies laying around, then settled down remote in MY hand for some late night TV.

What the... the first commercial was for some company called LIBERATOR Medical Supplies, they sell catheter supplies for use at home. If you qualify you may never have to re-use a catheter again. Gaakwhattheickouch!

Catheter Supplies? For use at home? Advertised during such a rare experience as Boy Mom TV time??? That is seriously NOT RIGHT! (even if I hadn't just suffered through a really bad catheter experience with #3 and the broken leg).

LIBERATOR is the name of the company??? Folks if you have to use a catheter at are not free/liberated, whatever. Shudder!

I changed channels, ate a few more pumpkin cookies, House was starting. Love me some House!

It was an intense episode Dr. House and a cleverly random group of patients and medical personnel were being held hostage by a Sick Man determined to get a diagnosis, he just "Had to know". Tensions were high the swat team was just outside Cuddy's office. The sick man was forcing them to give any medications to an innocent hostage first, conveniently there were two doses of everything. Medical personnel were selflessly, cause we all know how selfless medical personnel are, volunteering in place of the innocent patient/hostages. Well, actually they were selflessly volunteering for, hinted at, ulterior motives sure to be explored in future episodes, but still. Eventually, Sick Man Who "Had To Know", gave away some hostages in order to secure a trip to radiology where the amazing Dr. House, who mysteriously knew how to run a CT scanner, (I work with doctors and CT Techs, trust me, a doctor who knows how to work the equipment is truly amazing), convinced Sick Man to give up his gun for an accurate scan but, alas, found NO TUMOR. Sick Man dropped his head in discouragement. A random hostage and medical personnel, who had stayed to see the outcome of the CT scan, gave the camera a dramatic look, House handed Sick Man back the gun...

What the... I woke up to an episode of NCIS or something. Dang git! Now I'll never know if House was able to figure out the diagnosis or if Sick Man shot him and ended the season.

Give me some time for me and I'm such a party animal!


Barbaloot said...

Ha-I've never watched House but now I'm wanting to know the outcome of sick man, too!

LeShel said...

I love House but I have no idea what happened. I haven't seen that episode.
I love PUMPKIN so I need access to such a delish recipe that somehow creates your ability to see friends.
Wish your son's femur well. While he's sitting around tell him to come up with a really great story of what happened.

Cowboy mom said...

Sigh...... just hearing about some "me time" and i'm envious. My "me time" consisted of driving to Gunnison Yesterday(alone) to have a thyroid ultra sound. My thyroid is Hyper and they are trying o figure out why. I keep telling them that's what happens when I eat to much chocolate. but they keep insisting on doing more testing. Next they want to do the radio active dye test.

mandi said...

Ok, you got me back hardcore for those treats I gave you. These cookies are IMPOSSIBLE to stop eating. Thanks?

Techno Grandma said...

I saw that episode of House but can't remember exactly what happened. But in all House episodes he figures out the real problem in the last 5 minutes of the show and everyone's perfectly happy.
I can't figure out who pays for all those procedures that don't discover the problem. Obamacare???

Chief said...

I can tell you that he probably did fix him. He is a genius and I am sure he used WE?B MD to help with his diagnosises

Deb said...

You sound like me: I make it all the way through Project Runway and Top Chef every week, but I always fall asleep at that last commercial break, right before they eliminate somebody.

Kelsey said...

It's okay! I have House recorded and I haven't seen the last episode :) I'll watch it and then tell you the ending.

LOVE HOUSE!!! Major obsession

Mummy McTavish said...

Ugh, I missed that one.

I love House but the network that shows it here is stupid and shows new episodes mixed with old ones and I get SO confused.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Me time sounds AWESOME!!!! Sure have missed you! Hope all is well... NOW. You sure did have a tough Sept, so now that you got that all out of the way it should be smooth sailing for here on out... or so I pray!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

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