Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holy Shit Magnet Batman!

Through out our marriage Adorable Hubby and I have had a few friends we lovingly referred to as, "Shit magnets". You probably know one or two of these people who just seem to attract bad stuff.

After spending all of September with the piggy flu, stitches for #7 two weeks ago and then on the last day of the month a shattered femur for #3...I'm suspicious that we're 'those' friends.

#3 is on the mend and wants to attend his teams football game tomorrow night. I survived watching #4's football game tonight, only bursting into tears when a player from the other team stayed down holding his thigh. Is it mean that I cried harder when he walked off the field between his coaches?

Thanks again for your prayers in our behalf.

It's safety week at our elementary school. #7 came home with a green ribbon around his wrist to remind him about all the safety tips he's learning. When #6 asked #7 what his green ribbon was for #7 replied, "It's for Safety Week."

What's Safety Week about?" Asked #6.

"It's to teach us not to get killed and stuff." #7 replied.

I think you're on to something #7!

I'm getting a green ribbon for everyone in the family. Let's hope it will reverse the magnetic polarity we've got going.


Mummy McTavish said...

STICK CLOSE TO BOY FAMILY EVERYONE!!! It'll keep the rest of us safe :)

I'd send you a whole roll of green ribbon if I could!

(I was worried at the title of your post that you had some more issues to deal with, the last thing you need at the moment is a bout of gastro giving everyone thunderpants!)

The Domestic Flunky said...

I love this! I have several SMs in my circle of family and friends. I'm also glad to know that ribbons really do 'work'. I'm gonna start making the kids whose parents annoy me wear a black ribbon. When parents ask, their child will dutifully respond: Oh, this is for home-school awareness month.

Barbaloot said...

I hope your bad luck streak ends and you can enjoy normal life soon. Although, stitches and a broken femur in a family full of boys isn't entirely abnormal, now is it?

S'mee said...

crossing fingers the ribbon works!

Suz said...

ROTFLMAO! I should do that more often maybe I'd tone my butt. Seriously I love the tittle to the post. Profanity and all. I love you.

I am with Barbaloot, what could be more normal that stitches and broken bones in a home full of boys. If you had all girls you'd have to add PMS to it.

I never knew you were supersticous (SP). I can't believe that having my child wear a green ribbon will keep him/her from getting hurt. Paint children with florecent paint and they'll still get hurt.

You all are in my prayers.



Deb said...

Love it. Green ribbon= "not get killed and stuff." I will wear one daily.

bluecottonmemory said...

We've hand the flu, a broken collar bone, and a bunch of ear/sinus infections. I hope we're not "those" people, too! It's been a busy couple of weeks! Crying when he walks off the field? Well, we all react to stress differently. Yours is the more motherly reaction! Let's pray and be in agreement for an injury-free and illness-free next few months? I'm in!


Sometimes you're the SM, sometimes you're the fridge.

But Good Grief. What a run you're having. Praying. Harder. Hang in there! Remember, He will always use your Mess for His Message.

Much Love,

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

WOW! You have had a rough month!! I am sorry that you all have been so sick. What happened to get the shattered femur? I am glad you are better. Praying that this month is better than last!!

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