Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Summing It Up

I assigned #4 a rewrite of his book report on Where the Red Fern Grows. This is what how he summed up his feelings about the book.

"I liked the book because it was an adventure that any man would think was important and the experience would be extraordinary."

I read it several times, I tried to find it on line, it seems too deep a comment for a 12 year old who complained for several hours about writing the book report. I had forgotten that book reports are splinters under fingernails type torture to a 12 year old.

A flood of Red Fern Grows memories washed over me and I could feel the exquisite joy of laying my cheek, flushed from lunch recess exertions, on the cool surface of my desk top as Mr. Beach or was it Miss Hunt's voice unfolded this profound story of a boys journey to manhood in the Ozark mountains. I remembered sitting on the floor in the gym when Wilson Ralws came to autograph copies of his books and inspire us all to grow up to be writers.

Adorable Hubby was so in love with this story that he wore overalls through high school and earned enough money to buy, with his two best friends, three red bone coon hounds. It was my willingness to help him clean out the kennel that won me his love, so in a way I owe my relationship with Adorable Hubby to Where the Red Fern Grows.

Way to sum it all up #4!

#4 is known around here for his profoundly deep thoughts, his adorable giggle, and his sense of extraordinary adventure .


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Great post! Now I will always think of you when I pick up that book! ;0)

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Suz said...

Gee can you believe that I have never read it. You know what an avid reader I am.

Your family is full of deep thoughts.



Barbaloot said...

Love that book! My uncle produced the original movie---and my cousin in the little boy that starred in it!

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