Friday, March 21, 2008

All Grown Up

Jacob must never, never know I posted this. He swore he'd delete my whole, 'Evil Blog!' as he calls it. So Shhh! Be vewry, vewry quiet, we'er hunting sevenTEEN yeawr olwds.

Jacob turned seven-gasp-teen on March 1st. He is an incredible oldest son, rebellious enough to keep life interesting; but, not so much that were pulling our hair out. He tried out for and made Chamber Choir for next year, and is planning to try out for the Ballroom Dance Team. For his Birthday his friend Lyssa gave him a 'Cool' (not cute) hoodie and a birthday kiss.

This weekend he is in St. George Going to the Preference dance with Kylee Taylor a childhood sweetheart. This is a picture of him dressed up to go the dance, complete with a hot new hair cut, thanks Aunt Jenny and Josh.
Today when I went into the High school to sign him out all the secretaries in the office told me what a great guy he is, we couldn't agree more, but mums the word, what would the world do without my, 'Evil Blog'.

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