Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yum! Lunch

Yep, time for my yearly cleanse, according to all the freako health nut stuff I read I should do a cleanse every season and eat a diet of nothing but raw fruits, nuts and veggies, supplemented by a little organic fish and chicken, oh, and whatever product they are promoting.

Yeah right!

Now don't get me wrong, I am all for a healthy eating I even plant a garden every year, which I weed by hand so I don't have to use icky chemicals, of course this particular garden spot is the dumping ground for what ever is left at the bottom of my Moms' Swimming pool after we drain the water out each spring so the avoiding chemicals thing may not be going that well; but, I just can't face the thought of never eating anything cooked again so that I can live an extra three or four years. Plus I can't get past my favorite foods being cooked, like that really crusty bread that is so good with cheese and wine, oops, I mean grape juice, now don't freak on me, I've never had wine, I save my acts of rebellion for coffee ice cream, and toe rings. I also struggle with how much work it is to eat really healthy, not to mention the expense.

Alas, the last few months have taken their annual toll and so... my yearly cleanse is a great jump start to semi-healthy eating until about Halloween when the challenge to eat enough food to make it through the hibernation takes over my sensibilities and I stalk, hunt and devour all the refined sugar and bleached, preservative laden flour I can get.

A cleanse consists of lots of juice and water mixed with fiber and many many herbal pills that get all the umm... gucky stuff (pretty sure thats the medical term for it) out of my body leaving it clean inside and out.

Wish me well, veggies run for your lives I'm eatin' healthy.

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Anonymous said...

Where are you Susan? It's Wednesday!! Did your cleanse kill you? Did you starve to death? See, this is EXACTLY why I stay the size I am! :)

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