Saturday, March 15, 2008


Tis' the season I guess, I try really hard not to think to much about politics. When preparing to vote I usually just go with my gut reaction to a name or call my Mom to see who she recommends, pretty lame considering I'm in my forties. Lately I just can't escape thoughts of a political nature.

Now don't get me wrong I truly appreciate this great country I live in, our free elections and all that. I have even been to a caucus meeting which I bet most of you can't claim, OK so I'm still not really sure what I was doing there or why we even have caucus meetings. I do remember that it was at the middle school (we sat in desks) and that while I was there all the change was stolen out of the ash tray in my car, two good reasons never to go back. At this point my passionately political mother is squirming in her chair...don't worry Mom if the Mayan calendar is wrong and life as we know it continues past 2012 I promise to carry on your legacy, hell, I'll probably run for city council at least PTA president. Here's the thing though, Mitt Romney, John McCain Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, based on the name thing no one gets my vote, just can't picture myself saying President Huckabee with out a snide giggle, and is there a difference between any of these candidates really?

The way I see it, it's like going down to the local Hostess Thrift store, gazing around at all the 'wholesome' choices and then spending a year trying to decide which one is better for you.

Let's see, we have the Apple pie(Romney) real fruit, flaky crust.

Our American icon the Twinkie(McCain) spongy, cakey, indefinite shelf life.

The Glazed Honey Bun (Huckabee) sugary, sweet southern calories.

Ahh, the Cupcake (Obama) chocolate with a decorative white swirl.

And, last but not least, the Suzy Q (Hillary) two layers of cake filled with lots and lots of fluff.

Hmmm, which should I choose? They all call to me, they proclaim their benefits, each promises to make my life better, they all taste so good with a tall glass of ice cold, hormone laced, milk. Problem is I can't help thinking that they're all a bunch of Ding Dongs, crisp waxy chocolate? cake? cookie? filled with sweetened, whipped, shortening.

No thanks!
I'll pass!

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hostess treats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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