Friday, March 7, 2008

Good To Know

There is some really important information that falls under the category, 'Vital to know' these would be facts such as: Income taxes are due on April 15, or that smoking causes cancer, or, you can't have a gun in your diaper bag, or formula or finger nail clippers if you're going to fly. Other useful tidbits of information fall in the category of 'Good To Know', info in this category might include such items as; wash, rinse, condition, rinse, dry, style and that the word wholesome is meant to be tongue-in-cheek as a description of Hostess treats. It's been awhile since I did a family update; most of this information falls in the category 'Did I need to know that?' I'll do my best to categorize correctly.

Vital To Know:
When Adam gets mad enough to run away he's not headed off to join the circus or even over to Grandmas house, Adam is, "running away to the fridge". The smile is his automatic camera face, if you look closely there is a tantrum tear on his right cheek.
Jacob made Chamber Choir. This is the elite choir in his High School. The conversation went something like this.
Jacob: Chamber Choir tryouts are tonight after school so I'll call you when I need a ride home, (as he's getting out of the car at school one morning).
Mom: Are you ready? Have you prepared a number? Do you want us to come? Are your grades OK? (As he shuts the door and walks away shaking his head at my audacity in thinking that any of these questions might be relevant enough that he hadn't thought of them.)
Fade to after school that day.
Mom: Well how did it go? Did you make it? Were you nervous? What did the Choir Director say? When will...
Jacob: Mom, it went OK I guess. I'll tell you when I know more. (No expression or inflection)
A week and a half later.
Jacob: Did I mention that I made Chamber Choir? (as he waits for the traffic light to change).
Mom: Wow! Cool! That's Awesome Hon! When did you know?
Jacob: I dunno like a week or few days or something, I was gonna tell you guys but I guess I forgot.
Mom: Are you excited about it?
Jacob: Well Duh! (rolls eyes)
I thought this was Vital info, Jacob would probably not rank it so high, such a coooool teenager.
Good To Know:

My herb and veggie cleanse was interrupted by Benjamin's birthday mint brownies. It got me back on track though and I'm eating a little better.

When Adam tells you he wants a crapper, he's not looking for a redneck toilet. He wants a cracker. On the other hand Richard and I have added some fiber shakes to our diet, we affectionately call them poop shakes, when we ask for a crapper we mean any toilet and it would be best to evacuate the immediate area.

Benjamin advanced out of cub scouts with his Arrow of Light. He's also got straight A's

Did I Need to Know That:
Fish now has a name. Joseph decided we should call him Knuckles, why you ask, seeing as how fish have fins not fingers hence no knuckles? Joseph is into Sonic video games and having everything make sense. Knuckles is Sonics video game buddy. He looks like this:
Our Fish, Knuckles(formerly know as Fish) looks like this...makes sense to Joseph.All our other sons have called, when absolutely necessary to refer to them at all, my breasts boobs, or boobies. Adam refers to them as Squisheys...I like your Squisheys Mom, Can I play with your Squisheys Mom. "Mom, this is your mommy squishy and this is your dad squishey", at least he didn't call my belly the baby squishy (yes one of the girls is a little larger then the other, but, that's a topic for an entirely different blog). No forty-something women needs any part of her body called squishey even if it's true.


Irishmama said...

Great post!

My son just did Arrow of Light too. He bridges to Boy Scouts next week. We're so proud!

My littler son is obsessed with my breasts too. "I like your boobs mom". I have to admit, the kid has good taste, I fancy them as an asset to the rest of my aging body.

Anonymous said...


boy mom

to much information!!!!!!!!!!111

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