Saturday, March 29, 2008


Our baby is sick, I know I often bemoan the size, energy and wildchild nature of my youngest, turns out all it takes is a little germ to turn him in to a kitten who
wants cuddles and loves and an occasional Slurpee.

Good things:
I get my cuddles and loves, fix.
He says funny things:
Mom: Adam do you want a drink?
Adam: Yes, dhen I gonna frow up.
Mom: Adam do you like Dora or Diego the best?
Adam: Fpiderman.
Mom: Adam, what made you sick?
Adam: A monster.
Mom: Adam, what would make you feel better?
Adam: Chocolate...and the doctor.

Bad things:
I get baby hungry, it's so fun to hold a baby.
$151.00 for a 5 minute doctor visit which was a waste of time because as suspected it's a virus.

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Cowboy mom said...

Baby hungry!!!!!! me, too. and I don't think I can stand another three and a half months. I Can't wait. Sorry! I've been miserable this pregnancy so I'm really really looking forward to getting this baby here.
What are your plans to satisfy this hunger your experiencing? You haven't told me much.

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