Monday, March 17, 2008

The Nose Knows

Adam: Mom I smell gum. I want gum! (as he sniffs my purse which has gum in it that I don't want him to have because he eats it like candy if he knows we have any.)

Mom: Adam I don't have any gum, we're all out. (It's a lie for his own good, right?)

Adam: Mom, come on. (He takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom where I used to keep a stash of gum)

Adam: Open the cupboard Mom.

Mom: There is none up there it's all gone. (Why am I fighting it, we all know I'm gonna cave in)

Adam: Lift me up I want to see. (He's beginning to catch on that when gum is involved I am a dirty liar)

Mom: See, no gum. (Holy cow, he's heavy!)

Adam: Fine, I'm not having any then! (As he falls to the floor sobbing, the little drama queen.)

Mom: Sorry honey. (I walk out as waves of guilt wash over me, yes, the drama thing works.)

Adam: No one loooves me!!! (Oh, he's laying it on thick!)

Mom: Look Adam, Mommy found ONE piece in her purse. (yeah, yeah, I'm a pushover.)

Note to self: Find a new hiding place for gum, store gum in a ZipLock.


S'mee said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! So glad when someone new stops by!

Looks like you have a great blog! I'll add you to the roll if I can get blogger to let me in again (having troubles, ugh!)

I have to tell you, on the post you did with science, I would pull the weirdest stuff out of my fridge and freezer. Holy Holy. The best was a couple of frogs. Seems they were trying to recreate nature and see if frogs really could survive being frozen and then thaw out in spring. Thanks National Geographic videos!

Boy Mom said...

Don't leave us hanging s'mee did the frogs come back to life?

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