Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inspired By You Wednesday

My friend KS blogs over at It's All about Books (see my side bar). She is my inspiration today because she is an avid reader, she writes a mean book review, plus she has a darling husband, CUTE kids and a fun personality. KS likes some really cool things that begin with T, I know this because she wrote a post on 10 things you love that begin with T. It looked like so much fun that I requested a letter from her so I could do my own ABC lovin', with all the goings on around here you really wouldn't think I'd need blog fodder; but, even we bloggy geniuses experiences a bit of bloggers block from time to time alphabet love seemed a fitting subject for the week, so I ask for a letter. One again, those naughty A's reared their little heads and inspired KS to give me the letter A.

10 Things I love That Start with A

* Adorable Hubby: WooHoo! You made the top of the list Babe! Adorable Hubby claims he is last on my to do list just below the fish and the laundry. His quirky sense of humor and gorgeous blue eyes are just two of the 400 trillion reasons I love that man. I'll share more about him on Throbbin' Thursday; just wanted it known that despite all my girly issues and guilt's he's my heart and soul mate.

*Agriculture: I love things that grow, children, animals, gardens, laundry piles (not so much), families, relationships, love, ideas, souls, trees. I love all the aspects of nurturing, cultivating, feeding and experiencing growth. This probably explains why every family pet ends up being mine, and why my yard and house are filled with plants, children and animals.

*Ambulating: I wish I could say I loved the bone jarring, brain rattling, lung bursting, sport of running, I admire runners, their effortless gait and their lean bodies; but, I ambulate, I looked it up it means, to walk. I love walking, outdoors, on a treadmill, doesn't matter it's just something I adore.

*Athletics: I may love them in self-defense, given my life of boyness, but love them I do. Sitting in a lawn chair on a warm spring day watching my boys play baseball, or wrapped up in blankets on a crisp fall night watching a football just doesn't get any better.

*Adagio: This is slow, leisurely music or intricate dance. I love music, and dance especially as performed by my oldest son. He is a joy to watch, he loses himself in the song or dance and the joy of oneness that comes from group performance. Music and the movement it inspires are eternally beautiful to me.

*Adam: Thanks to his name and his mad 'A' writing skills, my youngest son gets to symbolize all my sons, I can't express my feelings for these magnificent creations of God. I feel so blessed to have been entrusted with their early lives. They teach me so much more then I'll ever teach them.

*Alliteration, Adjective, Allusion: Admirably, alliterating literary terms alluding to my love of literature both reading and writing it. I love, love, love a good book the kind that has so many layers of meaning that each time you read it it means something new. I love writing, I know my grammar, style and spelling leave much to be desired, but the work of combining words into sentences that tell a story never gets old for me.

*Afterglow: (Not the Mormon musical group, though I'm sure they've aged wonderfully) That feeling you get after know, cuddling and stuff with that special someone. Afterglow or, "floating down stream" as Adorable Hubby and I call it, in the arms of your lover is the best feeling ever.

*Attitude: Don't care whether yours is sweet, sassy, upbeat, sarcastic, fiery, pitiful, positive, funny or needs to be adjusted; I just love me some get in your face, make the world listen, AT-TI-TUDE!

*Atonement: I know God lives, I know Jesus is my savior. Every moment of my life is touched by the hands that bear the marks of my salvation. His sacrifice, to offer me the peace that comes from being AT ONE with each moMENT of me, is my greatest love.

Wasn't that fun? I'd love to know what you love! Leave me a comment, I'll consult my 4 year old, then give you a letter to love on.


Snarr mama said...

Sounds fun...consult your adorable 4 year old and assign me a letter. (pleeease) :)

MBLL said...

AAHHHH, the relaxing one. You missed it. Send me on a letter and make sure you get it from Adam so I know that you're not up to setting me up.
Love ya

in time out said...

This is beautiful. I would love to read more about you. This insight was amazing to read. I give you the word AMAZING. Two A's even. Great post. I would love a letter. Thanks for reading, and for your support.

Amanda said...

Your blog title is very fitting. LOL I tend to moan about my three boys' mess and loudness but I won't anymore. ;-)

Great list of A's. Very insightful and unique.

Mummy McTavish said...

Absolute adoration abounds!

I love it!

S'mee said...

Oh man- I wanna play! Can't wait to see what letter I get!

Lynn said...

That was so much fun to read...Lovely sentiments especially about your Hubs ! I may have to do this one too...thank you !

Boy Mom said...

Thanks for all your loverly comments.

I have consulted #7 on which letters would be assigned to each of you. He has been taught sounds more then letter names and his auditory memory is a bit better than his visual memory.

Lets just say, you're lucky not to all have A, said (a sound like in at) or B, (sound).

Snarr Mamma, your letter is B

MBLL, your letter is M

In Time Out, Your letter is C

Smee, your letter is o, oy, that's a tough one.

I have two more letters if anyone else wants to play, then I'll have to begin consulting my #6.

Wendy Taylor said...

Thanks for your comment.

I'll take a letter, please.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Lovely post! I give it an "A!" Hey, I am a teacher. I couldn't resist!

I'll play!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Suey said...

Great list of A things! And wow, I can't believe all the letter takers you have. Cool.

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

can I have a letter too? - and bravo on the list, I love the feeling of sharing what you love - it reminds me to be satisfied with my life and try to be happy as is...

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