Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Toothsome Tuesday

Sunday we had a baked potato bar. So easy and so delish!

The Most Incredible Baked Potatoes Ever

1 bag of those huge baking potatoes from COSTCO, you most likely won't need the whole bag, our boys plus 3 extras, left only 1 potato for hash browns.

Scrub potatoes, I have a handy dandy potato scrubber that looks like this, it works fabulously.

Stab potatoes 6 or 7 times on each side with a paring Knife.

Roll in melted butter, margarine might possibly produce acceptable results, but why risk it.

Place on baking sheet then sprinkle both sides liberally with kosher salt.

Bake at 350 degrees for 2-3 hours, we like the skins extra crispy.

You barely need salt and butter with these heavenly spuds.

Fun things we topped 'em with:

De-frosted frozen peas, for Boy Mom.
Ranch dressing for Adorable Hubby.
Olives, for #'s 5,6,7.
Ham chunks, boys need meat.
Steamed broccoli, our little nod to healthy.
Cheese, grated and melted.
Chili, 'cause flatulence is soooo funny!
Chopped green onions, yum!
Sour Cream, for #1.
Bacon bits, we can't get enough pig.
Asparagus, fancy.
BBQ sauce, #2's idea, he's a little weird;)
Creamed Corn, yea, were hicks!
Green peppers, yuck! I do these for my mom.
Sauteed mushrooms, they make everything better.
Brussel sprouts, just kidding.

This is some seriously good grub, and no one hit me up for a bowl of cereal 20 minutes later.


Adams Family said...

That sounds good tonight maybe I'll do that tomorrow for dinner.

Adams Family said...

That sounds good tonight maybe I'll do that tomorrow for dinner.

Adams Family said...

Ooops, apparently if you accidentally double click on the "Publish Your Comment" icon it posts it twice. Should I try triple clicking on this one?

Barbaloot said...

Not only is that so yummy looking---but doesn't even come close to breaking the junk food avoidance that we start TOMORROW!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

You are such a fun mom, providing all of those options. My kids are lucky if I throw butter and sour cream at them. They are really living the good life when I grate some cheese.

They are not allow to read this post. EVER.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mummy McTavish said...

Ooohhhhh the anticipation, we chucked our name down for church friendship dinners again and I found out today we are going to have a baked potato bar for the one we are attending. Mmmmm, yummy! I just gotta come up with a knock out dessert to take.

Mary Ray James said...

You did green peppers for me and didn't even invite me? The cookies and rolls that I got were sure good though.

LeShel said...

I love that you made it passed the 20 minutes later and the need for more intake. Truly a miracle.

in time out said...

how fun. thanks for sharing. And thanks for being there for me lately. Love your comments and cyber hugs. ♥

Heffalump said...

Does it make your skin break out after you roll in melted butter? ;o)

We like to make cheese sauce to serve over our baked potatoes, along with the chili, some bacon, sour cream and lots of other good stuff. As a kid we used brocolli and cheese sauce with it over the potato.

MBLL said...

Try adding garlic to the kosher salt. The golden yukon taters are the best.

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