Thursday, February 12, 2009

Throbbin' Thursdays

This Thursday I'm throbbin' on that darling man you all know as Adorable Hubby. Today we've spent the day talking, connecting and loving, we do this a lot. Our joyful intimacy began 22 years ago when we were serving as Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We both served in the Cincinnati, Ohio area for 4 months. During that time a trusted friendship developed that is the foundation of our relationship.

Growing up, Adorable Hubby was the life of the party, he dated constantly had a large and varied circle of friends. He was a football player, jersey #57, he's always claimed that the, Whoever Kisses the Most Girls Wins, bet he had with his high school buddies, that won him second place with 56 kisses sealed my fate...I was Girl #57. Who knew football jerseys could predict love.

Adorable Hubby is a real sweet talker, our first Christmas together, while still missionaries, we sat on the floor playing a game. I was wearing a dress so, lady like thing that I am, I had my legs tucked up under me with only my ankles and feet showing. Adorable Hubby leaned over and said, "Wow! I think your ankles are bigger around than my mine!"

"Umm thanks??" I answered

"No, that's great, it means you're good brood stock!" You can't beat that pick up line folks. He was serious in his praise, he wanted big ol' football players for children. Looking at our big, handsome, sons, I'm forced to admit he got it right.

In high school I took being a wallflower very seriously, my shyness and hang ups with my body image were powerful wallflower assets. Adorable Hubby is my first boy friend, my first love, my first kiss.

I have learned so much from him, how to hold hands, how to kiss, I'm amazing he claims! The most profound lesson I've learned began on our first date, as he drove me home he told me he had a song that he really loved and wanted me to hear, he stuck a cassette tape of Hank Williams Jr. singing a song called Montana Cafe. I listened for a minute then figuring I had heard enough to be polite began talking again. Adorable Hubby stopped the song, rewound the tape (aww those were the days), turned to me and said, "No talking, this song really matters to me and I need you to really listen."

As I said, this lesson began on our first date, we learn it a bit more each day as we look past the irritating little weaknesses, the inadequacies in communication and truly seek to find what really matters to the other, really listening, deeply feeling, and passionately embracing, the unique perfection of our mate. Every sparkling facet of each of us, along with each character defining flaw came together in the breeding process (so tenderly romantic, we are) to create 7 wondrous variations of the one that is us. And that, my friends, is the beautiful power of marriage.

Thanks Adorable Hubby for being you, for helping me to be me, and for the joyful journey to us.


Mummy McTavish said...

Awwww, blogland's got a lotta lovin' happening at the moment!

Octamom said...

Love hearing your love story!


MBLL said...

Thanks for sharing, I love you both to pieces. Have an awesome day.

You should find that song and lay in bed and listen to it on valentines.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said... very sweet! You have yourself a keeper! Thanks for sharing your love story! You guys just love numbers with 7 in them, don't you?

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Debi (Dubs2007) said...

I love these types of love stories! My husband had kissed 1 other girl and me 1 other boy, we seem to fall in love more every year - I am amazed this year taht we love each other so much! we trully grow closer every day. And with my hubby life is great.. Thanks for the post - and an opportunity to look again at my own "love story"...

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Awwwww. . . . that was a very sweet post!

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