Friday, February 27, 2009

What The.... Fridays

Remember when you were in elementary school and you had a bestest friend and you were always gonna be the bestest of friends and then she went and made friends with someone else and you were so sad and mad, but then you realized she wasn't that great anyway and, and sob...

I have a best friend, shocking I know, we became friends when our oldest boys were in church nursery together, our oldest boys turn 18 this year. Prior to her being my best friend her husband, my Adorable Hubby and my friend, had been high school chums (chums is a great word). So I kinda take our friendship back even further by association.

We can talk about anything, go anywhere together wearing anything, we've seen everything, been through so many ups and downs, trials and blessings, thicks and thins that when we're together it's hard to know where one of us begins and the other ends. The best part is being able to expand that circle of love to our husbands, children, extended families and even a few friends. Somewhere in the definition of truest friendship there has to be something about love extending to who the other loves without precondition or jealousy.

8 years ago I moved to a different city, only 20 minutes away but, when you could live next door and share homes and yards freely and wish you did, 20 minutes feels like a long ways. Still our friendship has flourished and we've grabbed hold of each technology that could help it grow, cell phones, texting, email, blogging, Face Book. (She's Suz Jason and the Grunts on my sidebar)

This circle of technology and the distance has added new friends to each of our circles and from time to time one of us will feel a bit sad that the other one is spending so much time with someone else. Not that we don't want the other to have as many close friends as possible, just that life is busy and time together is hard to come by.

So today my... (insert awesome word for the opposite of internet) friend Suzie, says about my bloggy friend Mrs Nurse Boy, "You tell her to back off, you're my best friend and it's staying that way!"

What the...

Mrs. Nurse Boy, will you please leave Suzie one of your sweet friendly comments so that we can all be friends.

Friends are the deserts in the feast of life, heart felt thanks to all my amazing friends next door across town and across the blogosphere, you make my life so incredibly sweet, and I don't even have to swear off you for my junk food free lent observance.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

It is done!

You made me laugh out loud!

What the...?

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Mrs. Nurse Boy has mad skills with long distance friendships. If Suz doesn't lift her cyber ban, then I may have to give out our phone number. We have unlimited long distance and my woman has chops! Maybe I won't do that, because I don't want to become a widower to the phone.


Suz said...

Ohh...laughing is great. You guys just kill me. I just have a huge jealously gene. Yeah I admit it, I did say that. She has brought me out of the depths of HELL so many times that I can't imagine sharing her with anyone else, even her Adorable Hubby, LOL!!!! Childish, yep. But don't worry I am only 38 3/4's I have a lot of growing up to do. I am open to unlocking a few gates. Come on over, today Susan and I sat on the floor and played " Cross down when Billy boy was two...." ya know that silly clapping game. We could probably make it a three some, no pun intended. love ya!!!

Just Us said...

I can't believe that your oldest is almost 18! Crazy! That means you must be 30 something! I never would have guessed.

Mrs Lemon said...


3 Bay B Chicks said...

You are just a woman in demand, Boy Mom. What can we say? We all love you and want to be as close you as possible.

Even Wenda!


Sorry it took me as long as I did to make it over here. By this is definitely a stop that I did not want to miss on my blog tour.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I have to admit a little twinge of jealousy that so many people are discovering (read: usurping the time of) the Nurse Boys myself, Suz (and by and large Boy Mom).

I have to ask because I am so cyber does one get onto another's blog roll? That is the blog owner's prerogative, right? It really isn't something I'm supposed to do....

Mummy McTavish said...

Aww, isn't it great to have friends that get jealous over you? Glad you have one of those friends Boy Mom.

Suz, thanks for looking after Boy Mom for all of us LONG distance chums.

(It is a great word and also a brand of dog food "so chumpy you can carve it", I love those ads...)

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