Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daddy's Presence

I went over to my Mom's today to take some pictures of a large branch she lost as a result of our spring blizzard this week. This was a very wet heavy snow and it got caught up on the blossoms of the Purple Leaf Plum trees that my Daddy loved and planted prodigiously in his yard. If quantity counts Purple Leaf Plums were one of my Daddy's favorite trees, their beautiful burgundy colored leaves and pink blossoms are a sight I look forward to all winter. They signify springs arrival in my heart and the joy my Daddy had that he could return to his landscaping profession and begin again the hard work of earning a living for his wife and eleven children. The cold, hard, barren, winter was over and though there would be mud, sore muscles and long days, planting and growing had returned with the flocks of birds that flitted about in his blossoming trees.

My boys bounced happily on the large branch and I caught some amazing pictures of spring and my feelings for my Daddy.

I believe it's in the movie, Always, that one of the characters who has died is told, "The only regrets we have on the other side is the love we left unsaid." Perhaps my Daddy left a lot of love unsaid or perhaps I felt I could only hear it while I still had him here with me. He was with me this afternoon, watching my youngest boys jump and shout with the joy of youth, he was there, marveling at the tangle of branches and the fearless finches. We breathed in the hope of new growth and the sorrow of decay.

Thanks Daddy, for speaking love to my wintering heart, thanks for the beauty of an angel wing always close, warm in winter, promising that spring is near.


Deb said...

What a lovely post to read first thing on a Sunday morning! Thank you for sharing this.

Techno Grandma said...

Much better than what I tried to write, and couldn't. Love, Mom

LeShel said...

thank you for your ability to see and for sharing

Lynn said...

Beautiful tribute to your Daddy...what precious memories and the blossoms are just lovely !

Suz said...

Did your dad plant all the purple plum trees on the bulevard by Target? What a sad sight after the snow and storms.

I love you. Daddies are an important part of our lives, even though our dads aren't with us in the present they are always in our hearts and thoughts. It is so wonderful you were able to bring those feelings and memories to the fore front.

My dads b-day was Friday the 17th. Yesterday my little ones, Mom, Dylan and Alexis went up to the cemetery to honor and remember him. After, we went to Moms' house and went through 2 boxes of pictures to share with the grandchildren their grandpa they never knew in this life. It was so much fun. I got some great pictures of my dad, that I am looking forward to share, especially with you.

Love ya!

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

This was beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

What a beautiful post! You gotta love daddy's! And, those pictures are amazing!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Montgomery Q said...

You take purty pictures.

I wonder if I'll ever care about my dad again. Maybe I'll miss him. I don't know. Good post.

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

Boy Mom,
Would it be OK to feature this post on my Real Angels Real Life blog?? It is so touching.

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