Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday's Muttered Mumblings

#6 is my strong, sober, silent type son, from his first breath he has been a serious little fellow. We've always said he was a deep thinker and tried not to press him to chatter, but we always do a little internal happy dance when he does share a deep thought.

Not to long ago Adorable Hubby and I were visiting in one room and could hear #6 playing video games in the other room. Apparently the game wasn't going well because all of a sudden we heard #6 let loose with a curse,"SUCK A DUCK ON A BIG YELLOW TRUCK !" he yelled, at the top of his lungs! Adorable Hubby and I burst into silent giggles and high fived.

Today #6 was in a talkative mood, it started this morning as he and #7 and I discussed a neighbors rambunctious puppy.

#7: I'm not going outside anymore, that big dog always chases me!

#6: Well, at least he's not a poisonous dog.

#7: I think he IS a poisonous dog.

Boy Mom: a poisonous dog like a poisonous snake?

#6: Yes, except if a poisonous snake bites you then you just die but, if a poisonous dog bites you, that's real bad.

Boy Mom: So, what is worse than dying of snake bite?

#6: If a poisonous dog bites you, you start acting like a, dog. He whispers the last word.

Boy Mom: (Thinks) Where did you get this load of crap? (Says) Wow, sure hope we don't have any poisonous dogs in our state.

#6: Don't worry Mom, I think they only have them on TV.

Later that morning I heated up leftover hot dogs for lunch. I had two types, regular hot dogs and Brats. #6 and his little friend decided to each have a Brat, three bites into it #6 handed me his brat and said, "I think I'll change my mind and have a regular wiener dog, that other wiener dog was to spicy."

#5: Hot dogs aren't made from Wiener Dogs!

#6: Yes they are!

#5: No they're not! They are made from pigs!

#6: Uh uh! They are made from Wiener Dogs, that's why they're called hot dogs AND wieners, Duh!

Gag! I had a salad for lunch.

I believe it's time to encourage more talk from #6, his deep thoughts are beginning to worry me a bit.


Barbaloot said...

Maybe he was thinking a rabid dog...? Have you watched Old Yeller lately:)

Boy Mom said...

Gasp, I read them Old Yeller! What was I thinking? That still doesn't explain Wiener hot dogs though...

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

LOVE the conversations! Adorable! I hope I never run into one of those dogs. I just might start acting like a (gasp)!

Thanks for the laugh! Happy Monday!

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Mummy McTavish said...

please please please post more 'deep' thoughts from #6! That was great. Strangely now I really want hot dogs for lunch... My messed up brain is getting confused, I know that story should have made me want to puke but all I can think now is "ooo yummy, hot dogs".

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

I love it!

Has #6 ever seen the Shaggy Dog? IF not, he may get a real kick out of see Tim Allen turn into a dog.

Wierner dogs -- do your kids watch Oswald? Isn't the dog on that named Wienie? And looks just like a hotdog and bun? Hey -- Oswald even sings a whole song about how he loves his wienie -- (don't get me started!)

Suz said...

I saw the "Hallowiener" book at your house over the weekend. I've read it. It could be traumatizing as well.

Maybe there is just TOO many wieners at your house. Ha-Ha!

You may want to call it Bratwurst. I don't want our bloggy friends thinking your eating the neighborhood children.

Love ya.

LeShel said...

I'm thinking #6 is a genius. I love his thinking. He doesn't just stick with what the world is saying, he creates his own little imaginative place to live. Lucky!!
Go #6!!

Techno Grandma said...

As his Primary teacher I may want to be careful about how I teach him. And you may want to be sure he got the right message. He doesn't always say much. ;-)

Daniele said...

Very cute conversation! Aren't boys just great, the never ending conversations and curiosity. Just stopping by from octamom's blog. Have a great day!

Lynn said...

Oh, now that was some conversation...what a great kid you have need to worry !

I solve all the ickiness of Hot Dogs by eating certified Kosher ones...only the front half of the cow is used LOL

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