Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Remember a similar picture taken at about this angle on Easter Sunday? Yep, 4 inches of snow, Spring Break sledding anyone?

#7 has the perfect clothing choice for crazzzzyyy spring weather! Long striped pajama pants for warmth and to save on laundry. A flip flop for those warm sandy days in the back yard, a snow boot 'cause you never know when there will be four inches in April. Shirt...optional, with #6 pants are optional so consider yourself lucky.

"Brrrr!" Said #7 as he walked out wearing his spring break outfit. He went in and put on a t-shirt and decided bare feet were the perfect solution.

Snow on the apple trees!

Shivering tulips!

Nourishing earth, thirsting.
Burgeoning buds, bursting.
Winter crystals caress.
Spring gifts bless.

I have to confess that I love spring snow, it just makes for such amazing pictures.


Mummy McTavish said...

WOW! Your poor little baby plants, I hope the sun came out to warm them back up.

As for #7's outfit, I reckon that is something my boys would chuck on for some snow play. Completely practical.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

What fashion sense! What style! We just might see him during fashion week in NY one day...or not.

I must admit that those photos ARE beautiful, but just seeing that snow sends me into a depression.

Spring, please don't leave us!!!!

But, I am trying to stop talking about the weather, since it makes me sound old. And, we all know I am not old because I haven't had a birthday in over 5 years.

Mrs. Nurse Boy

Just Us said...

Sad like snowed in plants!

Suey said...

I love that you did this! Seriously, yesterday I was thinking about all your beautiful spring pictures the other day, and what they looked like NOW! And here, you've shown us.Cool. The timing of this weather is unbelievable.

Angie said...

Great photos!

Shivering where you are!!! We are nice and warm here :) You have a neat blog! Thanks for your kind words on mine :)

Yes, I admit in my choosing--I was surprised that I did find another "knightly news"...but my url is different.

Have a BLESSED day!

Anonymous said...

Seeing those pictures have made Court and Nancy glad they are here for the week!!! Although, tomorrow we are expecting some severe storms. Can't believe y'all are still getting just won't quit. Love the pictures of the outfit. He makes me laugh every time!

mandi said...

I love that #7! He's too cute! He makes me laugh.

Coming home from our sunny vacation to snow was mighty depressing! Pretty pictures, though.

Heffalump said...

Spring snow is fun, but I am ready for some spring SUN!

Suz said...

What a wacky spring, at least we were able to have some wacky fun inside.

Your yard is always so beautiful, I long for your green thumb.

Do you think you could use your green thumb to melt the snow. Thumblina is pretty handy with things like that. Maybe have been reincarnated from a twidle bee( Tumblinas' kind).

Thanks for sharing. Love ya.

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