Thursday, February 28, 2008


We invited my Mom and Sister Jenny over for dinner the other night. We were all sitting around the table enjoying our hamburgers and hot dogs hot off the grill when Jacob told his younger Brother to shut the hell up, for the most part Shit, Damn, Hell and Ass, are ignored around our house we save our battles against bad words for the big ones; but, because Grandma was there Richard and I both got on his case and I told him to apologize to Grandma. Jacob was outraged, his teenage defense system went in to high alert at the hypocrisy of ignoring bad words unless someone like Grandma is around.

I, figuring it's my parental duty to teach him to watch his language around women, children, grandparents and clergy, tell him again to apologize to his Grandma. He ducks his head and offers his best attempt at a sincere teenager apology, "Sorry Grandma".
To which Grandma in all her silver haired wisdom replies, "What the hell for".

There you have it if my children cuss like sailors it's their Grandma's fault.

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