Monday, February 4, 2008

Just Say No!

I apologize for this entry before I even get started. I spent the night coughing, I am on massive amounts of cold medications and my mind is fuzzy. That reminds me of the talk on the Holy Ghost at our ward baptism on Saturday. The two boys who had just been baptized had been given blankets to symbolize the Holy Ghost the speaker told them the Holy Ghost would make them, think the right way about things. Then she told them to feel their blankets, "Don't they feel warm and comforting?" she asked.
I thought, "Yeah, I wish I had a warm blanket, I'm freezing."
"Aren't they fuzzy?" she asked.
"So that explains all my fuzzy thoughts" mused I, "It's the Holy Ghost."

Note to self: Do not take cold medication before going to baptisms.

Another note to self: don't take pictures of yourself when sick and drugged, you might show them to someone.

We finally got Joseph batteries for the Leap Frog learning system Grandma bought him for Christmas. He played with it for a few minuets then said, "Mom, my lap top is freakin' hilarious." Too cute!

Speaking of Joseph, today I kept looking at him thinking his hair looked really weird. I wondered if he had slept on it funny. Then I wet my fingers and smoothed it down...still weird, there was this one long piece that looked like bangs but all the other bangs were gone. Finally after realizing that I wasn't just delirious I asked him if he cut his hair. "Yes," he said, "I did it when Tyler was here." (Tyler is his cousin who is Ben's age, he had a sleep over from Thursday to Friday) Not really sure if Tyler had anything to do with it or he was just a reference for a point in time. Grandma, help!

But, that brings me to another random thought that keeps going through my head. Have any of you got a hair cut and ended up with Dumb and Dumber Bangs? (that's bangs cut really blunt, straight across your forehead, about half an inch above your eyebrows, like Jim Carrey's hair in the movie dumb and Dumber) I have a paranoia about getting Dumb and Dumber bangs so I always caution the girl who does my hair
not to go too short. This last hair cut she didn't cut my hair because I was happy with it but she did cut my bangs. They are not to short but I keep thinking something is wrong with them, so I took a picture. (my camera actually has a setting for holding the camera up and taking a picture of yourself LOL) So tell me dear readers, all 8 or 9 of you. Do my bangs look weird to you or is it just me?
I think Joseph has come up with a hair style to solve both of our hair issues, we could call it diaper wipe hair.

Yesterday we had a really great Fast and Testimony meeting. We laughed and cried, lot's of kids got up and bore beautiful or funny testimonies, a man in our ward who is deaf bore his testimony about how hard it is for him to participate in church because he is afraid people won't be able to understand him. Two of my boys and my Mom bore neat testimonies. One of the brothers wore his Kilt and bore his testimony in honor of President Hinkley. To make it even better Richard had stayed home with the three little ones who had colds, so I got to enjoy the meeting sitting peacefully cuddled up with my big boys. When we got home I told Richard that I thought it was the best Fast and Testimony Meeting that we had ever had in the ward, I asked Jacob if he agreed he said, he couldn't say because he hadn't been in the ward that long. ???
"Jacob, we've been in the ward seven years," I said.
"Well the ward was split not that long ago," he replied.
"Um, Jacob, that was five years ago," says I.
"Mom, it's not like I started listening and paying attention until, like a year ago." Well, at least he's honest.
So there you have it; I thought it was the best Fast and Testimony Meeting ever, but take into account that I was heavily drugged, @@ (I like these they look like little drugged eyes) Jacob hasn't been paying attention long enough to make an informed decision.
I think we've got to be really high on the list for Mormon Family of the year.

I have decided to go on the Adam diet. This includes playing with all your food during meal time but not actually eating it. The only foods you actually put in your mouth are a gallon and a half of milk a day and fruit-by-the-foot which you eat by shoving the whole thing in your mouth causing you to gag until you throw-up. Then for exercise you whack a brother older and bigger then you, call him an idiot or something worse and run. You repeat this exercise endlessly through out the day, causing those around you to get their exercise by chasing you thus helping the whole family stay in shape. Don't let the pictures fool you he's noooot! eating (notice how much is on his pants and on his plate) he's just playing. Yes, its the Adam diet for me...Oh, wait! He's gaining weight constantly despite not eating, never mind I'm doing that pretty well all by myself. OK, OK, so I'm eating everything in sight. Is it, "Starve a cold, feed a fever" or, feed a cold, feed a fever, feed your cough, feed your sniffles, feed your fuzzy thoughts?

Well time to go, I just realized that I now have cold symptoms and diarrhea, don't ask.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Susan, just say NO to drugs!! :)

Boy Mom said...

Hey, A sideways smile :) and I'm not even on drugs today.

You'll be glad to know I'm am feeling much better thanks for the advise.

Anonymous said...

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