Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eat Your Hearts Out Ladies

What woman doesn't dream of spending her day surrounded by handsome, adoring men? Ellen DeGeneres you say? well you've got me there. OK, so for the many women in this world who would love to spend their days being loved on by eight wonderful, albeit short(some of them) men; welcome to my life. Click on the picture to read Adams shirt.

This morning Adam climbs up to stand on the bar, "Mom I'm tall" he proudly tells me.
"Yes you are" I reply.
"Mom, I'm smart" he declares.
"Thats for sure" I nod.
"Mom, I'm naked" He yells.
"Tall, Smart and Naked, you're the man of my dreams".
"Mom, come closer and I can catch you" as he prepares to jump to me.

Eat you heart out ladies he's tall, smart and naked and he's all mine. Until he discovers real girls that is.

A while later Joseph walks in with a pair of son glasses on top of his head and asks,
"Mom, how do I look?"
"Like a handsome cool movie star!" I answer.
"Yep!" he says.

Thats my Joseph, strong, handsome, silent type. I'm a lucky women.

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Anonymous said...

Adam's shirt made me laugh right out loud. Too, too funny and so very TRUE, right!? ;)

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