Thursday, February 21, 2008


One of my favorite blogs is listed as HollywoodFlakes on my Blogs I Love list. Hollywood is a skilled writer who writes amusing and thought provoking(albeit, often silly thoughts)
essays about life and experiences. Today Hollywood invited her readers to share in the misery she has experienced as she tried to complete a writing assignment on her 'worst mistake'.

After reading 44 anonymous comments some funny and silly but many filled with terrible pain I left my comment. Richard asked me to include it on my blog today.

My biggest mistake ever!!! Is that I let GUILT cloud the memories of the life experiences that are teaching me who I am.

God gives us repentance so we can live our lives learning from the experiences which we, in our self-judgmental, guilt ridden pain, call mistakes.

Regret is a tool for realizing that our actions and choices, in any given experience, may not have represented who we are. All these experiences we call life, are teaching us what we are, or what we are not. If we waste our lives feeling guilty over the experiences that taught us what we are not, then we miss out on fully living the experiences that teach us who we are.

Love yourself enough to stop doing what you are not and start being who you are.

Go find that lost love and get your closure; or accept that you will always love that individual and that that love adds to, not detracts from, your current relationship.

Quit that meaningless job that doesn't provide for you and makes you miserable, go do what you love. College and degrees are meaningless, experience and love qualify you to be what you are passionate about, go be it.

Let go of the pain, it is not you. You are a creation of God, he is not punishing any of us, he is a loving forgiving father, His only pain is how cruelly we punish ourselves.

Why do we let the past destroy the present and predict our future?

Every religion offers as it's highest reward a paradise in the presence of God free from pain, worry, guilt, and regret. Ironic that all of those feelings are experienced in the present but come from the past or are from our prediction's of the future based on the past.

Each moment fully experienced is paradise!

Fully experiencing each moment is the presence of God. It's not a location it's a way of life.

I love me, I am my greatest success.

Guilt Sucks, and never the right things.


Irishmama said...

So that was YOU who left that now non-anonymous comment on Hollywoods blog. I was impressed. I read it a few times and then I didn't post anything myself.

You've left me a few comments encouraging me to blog more and hey - today I blogged!


Hollywood said...

I was hoping that whoever wrote that comment would own it. I'm glad to see it's you. I've been thinking so much about mistakes lately because of the assignment but it's also helped me realize that I'm not at all tied down by my mistakes and don't live with regrets. It's always so sad to me to see someone who is still hurting from something they did years and years ago. Repent, and move on. I'm glad I remember my mistakes just so I won't make them again, but every day is a new one for me to recreate who I am.

Thanks for your great thoughts on the subject. Some of those comments on the post were really sad.

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