Saturday, February 2, 2008

Email From Suzie

This is an email I got from my friend Suzie, since it is the story of my life and I'm sure most of yours, I thought I'd put it on my blog today then use the time to accomplish something useful. The time that I would have spent thinking of and writing some random event you all might find amusing as you're escaping your to do list by reading my blog.

How the heck are you? Sorry, I didn't call yesterday. I had a huge list of things to do. I have to make a list because if I don't, I just wander from room to room doing a little bit here and there. I'll be cleaning and go into the next room and get side tracked. It seems like I never get anything done. Well I got lots done today. I made a LONG LIST, as I wandered from room to room not accomplishing a damn thing I'd stop by the kitchen and add yet another task to my list. So, there you have it, today I made a list. I actually crossed a few things off. One task was laundry, I crossed it off! Who am I kidding, laundry is never done.
I also crossed off exercise. Good thing I exercised. I'm beginning to think that I'll never get past the plateau I'm at. I have even gone as far as to think maybe I'm putting on pounds from the "shea body butter". It smells good enough to eat. That would really suck if our bodies took on calories from lotion. Well, I'm sure that it wasn't the body butter, it's most likely the chocolate chips I munch on before going to bed, the two pieces of warm bread lathered with butter ( not shea butter) that my visiting teacher brought by, and the spoonful's of cookie dough that I ate, the large cup of cocoa with three huge spoonfuls of hazelnut coffee mate in it. Great now I have to add exercise back to my list for tomorrow.
I 'll have to add " call Susan to the list", that would be an easy task. I'm sure I'll wander past the phone sometime tomorrow. You see, I originally sat down at the computer to order Jason some DVD's for Valentines Day.

Love, Suz

I love friends, they make you laugh, they cry with you and mostly help you remember that you are normal and beautiful and awesome because they are.

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Cowboy mom said...

That was inspiring! I think I'll go make the list I've been planning on making for ever. Then I might feel like I've actually accomplished something today.(sigh) Thanks Suzie!

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