Friday, February 15, 2008


Isaac has been saying some funny things lately, thought I'd share a few. My unspoken answers are in green.

The night before Valentines Day, I'm buying a half-dozen roses so Jacob can take flowers to a few of his girl friends at school. Isaac asks me, "Mom, who are those flowers for? Are you buying those flowers for Dad to give you for Valentines Day."
Hmmm, that's not a bad idea Isaac.

At the grocery store one night I ran into a young girl from our ward whom I haven't seen for a while. I notice she is pregnant, congratulate her and ask her how she's feeling, she says, "Good other then I have Bronchitis". Isaac, who has been listening in, interrupts the conversation and asks, "Mom, What's frogchitis?"
That's when you mistake kissing frogs for doing... other things with frogs and end up with two children before you're eighteen. (sigh)

One morning I was taking Isaac to school when he says, "Mom, I don't want to go to school today because they're just going to read boring books to us".
"Isaac you love when I read you books"
"I know Mom, but they are going to just have some random person read us some random book and it's just going to be so boring".
Random, thought, I have to put up with your random excuses to stay home from random school, every random day, so if on a random day some random person is boring you with a random book I don't random care.

A couple months ago a neighbor boy, with some challenges, was over visiting me. He was complaining that he is always bored at home, I suggested that he read some books. He told me he can't get interested in reading. Isaac pipes up and says, "Tyler, you have to be interested in things or you'll always be bored, if you read lots of different books you'll find out the things you're interested in and then you'll never be bored".

Wow, Isaac thats incredible advice for a 6 year old, I guess all that random book reading at school is turning out OK after all.

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