Friday, February 29, 2008

Girl Time

Guess what I did today?

Bear in mind that the last time I had Girl time I spent it running over fish in the parking lot at Wallmart; Ok, that was the second to last time that I had girl time last weekend I spent the night at a hotel with two girl friends, great fun, but of course forgot the camera (Maybe when I grow up I can be my friend Heather, she always brings the camera for cute girl time pictures).

This was fun because it was that spontaneous girl time that awesome husbands give you from time to time. We had a babysitter age child home from school today, so Richard took me to lunch in Salt Lake City and then sent me to get my nails done, all 20 of them. What a sweetie. Nothing like 20 French tips and a new toe ring to make you feel all cute and girlie. Thanks Babe!


Anonymous said...

That's it. I'm getting my nail done tomorrow! :)

hknight said...

Gotta love the girlie time, it makes life fun! Also I feel special to get a little mention on the post! If you were talking about me that is!You've always got to have the camera in the purse you never know when you're gonna need it! Also did you get the message I left on your cell?

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