Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bumps and Bruises

A couple weeks ago I checked on my three youngest who were playing outside. I found them in the driveway with the new Matchbox cars they got for Christmas. Oh how cute, you say, they were driving their little cars around in the driveway; wrong, they were throwing them down as hard as they could then examining them to see what kind of damage they had done. I suppose this constitutes crash safety testing on a boy level or perhaps a scientific analysis of Matchbox cars and their components, heck, maybe they were checking for lead paint.
"Boys, No! We don't throw cars!" I yelled.
"But Mom, we're playing a game!" Explained Isaac, their self-appointed spokesman, as Adam launched his treasured Diego car into the pavement, then picked it up to inspect the damages.
"Stop, the cars will break!" I tried an appeal to logic.
"Mom, were not breaking them we're just giving them bumps and bruises" Isaac reassured me.

The reason I have been gone for a while is that on April 8th, my Adorable Hubby was in a rollover accident. I'm happy to say that he is not broken, just suffering from some big bumps and bruises. Thanks to God for his life and thanks to all who have shown so much love. Life wouldn't be worth living without him and all of our incredible family and friends.


Cowboy mom said...

Maybe... just maybe.. if we would all pay attention to the little guys we would discover near genious solutions to all of lifes stresses and "bumps and bruises" I'll bet if anyone else was throwing their cars around to see what dammage it caused They'd throw a fit. And yet......
I'm glad Rick is O.K.

Irishmama said...

Oh, looks like you're getting spammed in your comments.

Anywho, I agree the post is 'likeable'. First, I hope that your husband is better and I'm glad it was only bumps and bruises. Also, you're boys are adorable, you are blessed to have such great stories to share!

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