Friday, April 4, 2008

Eatin' Vegies

Joseph walked up to me this morning eating a sugar snap pea. "You know Mom," he says, "I don't like these," he takes a bite.
"Hardly any kids in the whole world like these," he confidently proclaims as he takes another bite.
"They really don't taste very good," he takes another bite leaving a tiny little piece.
"Mom, do you like these?" he asks.
"Yes, I love them, I think they taste delicious," I reply.
"Well, I don't like them," as he takes the tiniest bite, "Do you want the rest?" he offers me the last little sliver of Sugar Snap Pea.
"No sweetie you can finish it," I smile.
"OK, but I don't like them," he finishes the pea and leaves.

This child is so healthy I am considering the possibility he was switched at birth. Anyone out their with really great eating habits and a junk foodie kid?...hmmm, sorry were keeping him, he's just so freakin' cute.

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