Thursday, April 17, 2008

Classical Capers

It's spring break which is, in my four days into it opinion, should be called the revenge of public school employees week. In my day spring break was Thursday and Friday and I was happy just to spend two days sleeping in and avoiding spring cleaning projects my mom dreamed up. Now it's a looong week of too cold to let them loose outdoors, to much spring fever to put up with them in the house. I just got Christmas paid off I'm not racking up major expenses to go on vacation so I'm stuck trying to figure out cheap day trips that can entertain a three year old to a seventeen year old.

Wednesdays brilliant idea was a simultaneous paint ball for the older boys, park for littler ones extravaganza. I started the day determined to exercise thus I dressed appropriately in a tank top jacket and sweats. I ended up going to the bank, blogging and breaking up fights till after noon when my sister-in-law came to visit Adorable Hubby and see for herself that he had survived his bumps and bruises. Her boys wanted to join us at the park so she ended up with my three youngest and her three headed for the park while I set off in my Suburban to get paint balls, compressed air and friends with my four camouflaged spring break warriors.

I was still in my exercise clothes, no shower and a very bad attitude which wasn't improved by yet another argument to deal with and a seventeen year old who wanted to crank Blue Oyster Cult or some other obscure classic rock at the highest decibel level he could coax out of my lame factory installed car stereo. In my grinchiest, Mom's winning this round way, I proclaimed, " My car, my stereo, my music!" as I choose a classical CD with at least three variations of Pachabel's canon. I sat in proud, smugly silence while my boys endured the first few measures of Pachabel, "Ha, mom won this time" I congratulated myself. Suddenly Jacob spun around and said in his very best bad British accent, "I say Joshua, isn't this just the music to properly set the tone for our afternoon outing chasing ourselves through the hills blasting the bloody crap out of each other with paint balls?" I tried, I even bit the inside of my cheeks, but they caught me laughing at them the little comedians.

My awesome sister in law called about then and said she was taking the kids to her house because it was just two cold for the park and I could spend an hour or two doing whatever. Did I wisely use my time to excercise?? Yeah right, chocolate, Figi water and a nap in the car, Ahh Spring Break with seven boys.


Cori Ann said...

It's been along time since someone has called me AWESOME... thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you enjoyed your brake... you totally deserved it. Maybe I can do it again for you sometime soon. :) Have a great day. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Too cold for the park!? We went swimming today!!

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