Saturday, April 5, 2008


Yesterday I ran out of paper plates and was forced to use my Pyrex plates. I know, I know kill a tree? save a gallon of water? it's a dilemma. Everyone was at school except the two littlest and their little cousin. I was taking a Pyrex plate with three hot, hot dogs on it out of the microwave when it slipped out of my fingers hit my freshly shop-vacuumed floor, sweeping is way to much like work. It shattered into a brazillion pieces covering a 20 foot radius, and made an impressive, shattering glass, noise. I quickly stepped through the glass to grab the shop-vac. Joseph came running down the hall, "Dude! he exclaimed, obviously impressed with the loud crash.
"Dude!" I yelled, putting up my hand in the stop sign.
"Dude!" He explained, pointing at the shoes on his feet.
"Dude!" I threatened, pointing him back down the hall.
"Dude!" he muttered, rolling his eyes as he turned to go.

Thank you Disney for making communicating with boys so easy and effective.


Dan said...

"You're really cute and all, but I can't understand a word you're saying!" (Marlin)

Irishmama said...

Dude! Even I use that word all the time, and not always to Dudes. Its just cool, I guess.

Have a great day!

Jenny said...

Thats hilarious!!! Though something makes me think you couldn't have had that "conversation" with anyone but Joseph. ;-) He's so cute!

goose girl said...

dude dude dude and dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

S'mee said...

seriously. Our first grandson? His third word, used correctly, was "dude". dug it.

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