Thursday, April 24, 2008

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord! all my rugrats are back in school today. No 103 Fevers, No sore throats. knock on wood...I think we are all healthy. Not many things that rouse me to a PTL, not having sick, hurting tweens and allmost 7 year olds following me around telling me how sick and hurting they are is really high on a short list.

I spent the morning yesterday working in my front garden which probably has much to do with my happy mood. I love spring, I believe I'll go to the garden store today. I could spend months wandering the garden store, I could spend thousands of $$$$$$ on plants and pots and seeds and soil...does that make me a bad person?????

I just found a setting on my camera for taking close up pictures of flowers so before my trip to the gardening store I am going to shop-vac the leaves out of my perennial bed (one day I'll dedicate an entire post to my love of shop vacuum's, and, can I just say, vacuum is a weirdly spelled word) and take a few pictures to add to this post later.

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