Friday, November 7, 2008


I have three huge trees in my backyard, I've blogged about them before. My feelings for these trees are way beyond a crush it's love, love, love. They are my three guardian angels, always there caring about me, talking with me, we've already established that I believe I can here the voices of non-sentient creatures. They house my birds and my boys, cooling, protecting and beautifying.

My favorite time of the year is Autumn one of the reasons is because all the bright yellow leaves on my tree suddenly fall in a two hour period, "Hey I know, lets all drop. Ready! Set! Go!'

It's simply amazing to watch, a sunlight, golden snowstorm. I've lain in the backyard during this yellow shower, feeling the gentle caress of leaf after golden leaf wondering if I could be buried alive in gold. Mostly I wash my dishes, gaze out my picture window and marvel at the beauty of my trees in every season, ache a little knowing how many wet spring weeks it took for my trees to go from a barren tangle of twigs and branches to a leafy green canopy. No easy come just easy go.

This year I was cheated out of my favorite fall event, we woke up Wednesday to 4 inches of leaves and bare trees, I was disgruntled all morning. In the afternoon my two little ones grabbed some snow shovels and began shoveling leaves. Watching them play I over came my snit and grabbed the camera to take a few pictures. Happy Autumn!


Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Beautiful leaves. I love your description. Your boys look like they are enjoying themselves.

Autumn is my favorite too.

I think everyone should have a window above their kitchen sink, so they can drink in the sun while washing away. I never had a window at the sink until moving here and I have to say, I was missing out. Great post.

Adams Family said...

Oh dear, Kait's missing shoe may be gone until spring.

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