Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adorable Hubby Posts

Adorable Hubby here, my first and, most likely, last post.

Yesterday Boy Mom wrote what she thought was a hilarious post on the symptoms of that whole monthly business you women endure so graciously. She was rolling on the floor with laughter thinking of Willy Wonka sharing his passion for confections with a PMS'ing women.

She may have missed a funny bone or two because at 8:30 this A.M. she got a call asking if she was pregnant. That began a frenzied editing process which was only interrupted this afternoon by a pint of Starbucks, Java Chip ice cream.

I personally didn't find the post that amusing but, I don't find anything about the subject amusing. I told Boy Mom I might have missed the humor since I don't find her overly grumpy during her time, I'm clever that way. Then I installed the dishwasher that's been acting as a lovely end table in our oh so classy living room for the past several weeks. For my efforts Boy Mom rewarded me with yet another reading of her much edited post and pigs-in-a-blanket for dinner.

Thanks for all your comments of late. Boy Mom has been challenged by this silly goal of posting every day in November, your comments make her life and mine sooo much better. A word of caution... It might be best not to bring up yesterdays post, a little Midol, a lot of chocolate and she'll have forgotten which is best for everyone.


Adorable Hubby


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Dear Adorable,
It is very good of you to post one day in order to give the wife a break while the midol circulates. When we were pregnant with our third we knew that would be our last. I told my wife that if the third was a boy, we were installing a urinal somewhere in the house. I think I had my wife talked into it. I love my girl, but I somtimes morn the loss of the urinal. I think by now you should have two.

I am sad that I don't get to write urinal cakes on the shopping list.

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Nice to hear from AH today. Hope Boy Mom is feeling better.

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