Sunday, November 9, 2008

Primary Program

I am the president of the children's organization at our congregation. Today they presented a program of the things they have learned this year. They did such a beautiful job of speaking and singing their witness of being A Child of God.

Here is my part:

On behalf of your children and each of us blessed to learn with them, welcome to the Primary Program.

The doctrine that each of us is a child of loving heavenly parents is perhaps the most profound message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How amazingly beautiful is the knowledge that each experience we have is watched over by our loving heavenly parents just as we watch over the activities and growth of our children.

How peaceful is the understanding that our mistakes are forgiven and forgotten as easily as we forgive and forget the mistakes of our children.

How incredible that Our Father gives us the opportunity to become like him by participating in, “His work and His glory” as parents to these precious children of God.

Brothers and Sisters, your children…


Christine said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I now know why you call yourself "boy mom." We may be following your footsteps! Hooray for boys!

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

OOO, I love, love, love your turkeys!!!! Not the boys, the new site decor!! :)

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

No, I don't mind you linking me at all. I have you on my blogroll, too.

I might just go grab those turkeys, they are so cute.

Yes, you could cut the pickles lengthwise too. Just not to thin because the will curl up. Enjoy!!

On roast beef, bet that would be good.

Suey said...

And a great job they all did. I totally enjoyed my time sitting by your #5, wiggly though he was! It was all just too exciting!

Montgomery Q said...

I think my eye got sweaty or something because it started leaking during your part and the one kid's part....that one kid that talked about her bro on a mission....

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