Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cuz' You Know You Needed to Know

It's NoBloPloBlog or something like that. PloBloNovPo is a blogger thing where you post everyday in November. I thought I'd give it a shot even though I missed the first two days so I'll have to post twice on a couple days in order to catch up. That was meant to be an excuse for the randomness of the blogs that may be coming. I find that too frequent postings result in random details you probably didn't want to know.

Yesterday was #2's birthday, by the way I do get that #2, is maybe not the best nickname for a child and that the acronym for Adorable Hubby is AH. Trust me, they both live up to their blog names from time to time. Ok, enough ADD, back to task. So yesterday to celebrate #2's birthday Adorable Hubby and I decided to clean our bedroom, really clean, really, really. Whenever I get Adorable Hubby involved in a project it goes way beyond dusting and waving the shop-vac hose under the bed for a few minutes, then of course I have to throw in my two cents and say something like, "Wouldn't it be fun to rearrange the whole room?"

We've also been on a quest to get #6 and #7 to sleep in their own beds and make it through the night dry. The combination of wet nights and our bed is taking it's toll. We thought maybe if we changed some things it would help.

What a project! The dust bunnies had reproduced, virtually unchecked, for 6+ years they did not go without a fight. I managed to get a 1/4 inch splinter in my finger which I then got to dig out by myself because no one else in the family has such skills. After 1/2 hour, left handed with a needle and tweezers I finally got it, go doctor Mom! Then Adorable Hubby sliced his thumb wide open on a picture frame, of course, all the band-aids had been used as placebos for hysterical youngsters who magically shut up when the barely visible red mark is covered with a band-aid. We made do with athletic tape and gauze from the dentists office, go doctor Mom!

Every piece of furniture was moved, dusted, vacuumed under and then positioned in multiple locations until it met our interior decorators (my) final approval. The movers complained and made snide little comments like, "Isn't this where it was in the first place?" Next pictures that had been unframed for two years were framed, each knick-knack was dusted and placed, finally Adorable Hubby took all the bedding to the laundry-mat, washed and dried it then came home to help make the bed and hang the pictures. I still need to hang curtains and we need a new blind to replace the one we cut to fit the window air conditioner; but, all in all we're pleased with the results and excited for the change.

So let's review what you didn't need to know yet now do.

*I get that the acronym for Adorable Hubby is AH.
In case you ever wondered as you chuckled to yourself.

*We cleaned and rearranged our bedroom.
Because you can never know enough about another couples bedroom.

*Band-aids are a great placebo for childhood boo-boo hysterics.
If that was news you obviously aren't a parent.

*It was #2's birthday.
I know #2 is a potty term and yet I use it anyway.

*It's BlogGoNovPo or whatever.
So I expect to see lots of lame posts from all ya all every day in November.

*I have had a serious dust bunnies infestation.
Low maintenance pets for 100 dollars.

*My children pee my bed.
Not so proud of this one really.

*Pictures purchased for Christmas presents may languish in dusty corners for years.
I'm such a thoughtful gifter.

* I have adult onset ADD.
I also have Adult onset Turretts Syndrome.

*I can dig a sliver out of my own finger.
I so tough.

*About enough of this.

Here are a few after photos, no before pics, the world doesn't need photographic evidence of my crappy housekeeping skills.

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Irishmama said...

So you're saying I need to write a blog entry?

ps #2 heehee

Valerie aka Mamalovelock said...

Sounds like you all got a lot accomplished. I have so many places that need a good cleaning like that. . . . feel like coming here?? Just kidding, but I do have some serious fall cleaning to do. Your bedroom looks lovely.

Nurse Boy said...

You have a beautiful family! Some days I FEEL like I have 7 boys. I feel so out numbered with two, I can only imagine how you feel. But, my boys are a blessing and always make me laugh (sometimes even when I am trying really hard not to).

Mrs. Nurse Boy

snb-the glamourista said...

i love your blog too! your family is AMAZING. you must have the patience of job!! thanks for checking my stuff out, and i'll keep up on yours too!

Suey said...

It looks very nice! Great job!

I look forward to your random posts all month!

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